The MUD AND SALTWATER SHORT FILM FEST is your chance to spread your creative wings and celebrate the environmental, cultural and heritage values of Roebuck Bay and the Kimberley region.

The focus for the film entries in the 2018 SHORT FILM FEST is Roebuck Bay and the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The seascape of Roebuck Bay and Kimberley landscape will provide enough drama and visuals for an outstanding screening in August 2018.

This year we will be feature the work of photographers through the screening of Photo Stories. See for more details.

Films entered can be up to 5 minutes in duration (including credits) and must have subject matter that relates to Roebuck Bay, the town of Broome and its people or the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

The screening of the Mud and Saltwater Short Film Festival will be at the historic Sun Pictures in Broome during the famous Shinju Matsuri Festival of the Pearl at the end of August 2018. The Festival Awards night will be Wednesday 29th August at Sun Pictures. On Friday 31st August the award winning short films will be screened along with Photo Stories and finishing off with a feature film set in the Kimberley.

Be a part of this iconic Kimberley Short Film Festival - The Mud and Saltwater Short Film Fest. Submit your Short Film from the 15th June 2018

There are some exciting prizes for the award winning films to be announced soon.

1. Entry
To enter your short film in the MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST 2018, which is run by the Roebuck Bay Working Group Inc (RBWG), you (Producer) must: -
- Submit a film that is related in its subject matter to Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia or for the Category of 'Kimberley Calling' subject matter relating to the wider Kimberley region. All films submitted that don't have Roebuck Bay or the Kimberley as their subject matter WILL NOT be considered.
- Complete your film entry on website and upload the film by the 27th July 2018.
- By submitting your film to FilmFreeway, the Producer has entered the Film and accepts the conditions, entry guidelines and terms and conditions set out below.
2. Judging of Films

Films will be chosen as finalists for viewing and judging for the MSSFF. These finalists will be screened on Thursday 30th August at the historic Sun Pictures in Broome.

RBWG selects the judging panel to shortlist finalists. The shortlisted films are judged prior to the night, again by a panel chosen by RBWG. The judges are asked to use their own judgement and are seeking creativity, talent, sound directing, writing and producing.
3. Producer’s Representations and Warranties
The Producer hereby represents and warrants to MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST that:
- The Producer has the sole and full right and authority to accept the Terms and Conditions and enter into this agreement and grant the rights granted in the agreement;
- The film complies with the terms and conditions
- The rights (including the intellectual property (rights) of the Film are assigned to MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST to utilise for broadcasting, promotional use and any other commercial purpose;
- The Producer has permission to reproduce and exploit all third party materials (and / or the results and proceeds of all third party services) contained in the Film or upon which the Film is based;
- The Producer has permission or copyright in the sound recordings comprising the soundtrack of the Film and the music, lyrics reproduced
- All the performers in the Film have consented in writing
to the use of their performances in the Film;
- The Producer has from each contributor for the Film, a written release to use the results and proceeds of the contributor’s services, without limiting the right to edit, alter and/or reproduce the results and proceeds of the contributor by the Producer or MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST assignees and licensees.
- The Producer will pay all costs related to entry of Film in MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST;
- All details submitted in the entry form by the producer are true and correct;
- All payments to contributors in connection with the film have been paid;
- No part of the film is, or will be, actionable for defamation or violate any right of privacy or publicity of any person.
4. General License *
The Producer grants MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST a non-exclusive license throughout the
world, in perpetuity , to distribute, license and otherwise exploit the Film, or any part of the Film, in any and all media, whether known or hereafter devised, including, without limitation, theatrical; nontheatrical; television (all forms including free, pay, terrestrial, cable and satellite), subscriptionvideo-on-demand, electronic rental, download to own and other forms of electronic delivery including internet, online and mobile transmission by any and all means, method, process, device now known or hereafter devised, and all advertising, publicity and promotional rights.
5. Finalist Films
If the film is selected as a finalist, the non exclusive license applies (above clause 5) and will continue in perpetuity.
6. Dubbing/Subtitling/Editing *
The Producer acknowledges that MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST, its assignees and licensees, shall have the right to dub and/or subtitle and to cut and/or edit the Film in any fashion that MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST deems necessary, including, without limitation, for the purpose of television broadcast or line distribution, packaging the Film with other MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST films, to comply with broadcasting statutory censorship practices, standards or regulations or as otherwise may be required by law in any applicable country where the Film may be exhibited.
7. Disqualification
MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST may, in its sole discretion, disqualify a Film from the Fest if there is a reason to believe a Film does not, for any reason, comply with the Terms and Conditions.
8. Indemnification
Producer agrees to indemnify MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST and hold them harmless from any damages, liabilities, losses, costs, expenses, obligations or claims arising out of the breach of the Producer’s agreements, obligations, presentations and warranties under this Agreement.
9. Additional Documents
Producer hereby agrees to supply any additional documents (e.g. copyright for music, actors release etc...) if MUD AND SALTwater SHORT FILM FEST requests.

Overall Rating
  • Harry Jakamarra

    Fantastic festival. The organisers are absolute champions.

    September 2018
  • The festival keeps getting bigger and better each year, a great vibe and a great time had by all.

    September 2018
  • Kerrie Goodchild

    What a wonderful festival to be part of. The organisers were fantastic!

    August 2017