Francis Montesinos is a highly influential fashion icon of the 20th century. Emerging in the 1980s, amidst the lingering effects of a political dictatorship in Spanish society, Montesinos symbolized transgression, vibrant colors, and freedom. With his audacious and unique approach to fashion, Montesinos crafted garments and looks that garnered international admiration and were widely imitated. He played a pivotal role in establishing the "Made in Spain" concept, introducing Mediterranean style to global audiences. From Ibiza to Japan, Montesinos made his mark, with his printed jeans becoming highly coveted in the United States, and his extravagant fashion shows becoming sensational events. In this documentary, the designer reflects on the most significant moments of his life, including the challenges he faced. Through interviews with his team members, friends, and fashion experts, viewers gain insight into the multifaceted legend of Montesinos.

  • Laura Grande
  • Josep Lozano
  • Luis Nadal
  • Ignacio Estrela
  • Ana Ramírez
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    1 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 1, 2023
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    138,000 EUR
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  • Estrela Audiovisual
    Country: Spain
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Director Biography - Laura Grande

Journalist, screenwriter, producer, and director, Laura Grande has a diverse background in the media industry. With over 10 years of experience presenting live TV programs on RTVV (Channel 9), she has honed her skills in front of the camera. In the realm of cinema, Laura recently made her directorial debut with a documentary exploring the life of fashion designer Francis Montesinos. She followed it up with another documentary focusing on the renowned artist Javier Mariscal.

Laura's involvement in the film industry extends beyond directing. She serves as the executive producer of the documentary feature film "Equipo Crónica: Art in the Trenches" and has contributed as a screenwriter and executive producer for the feature documentary "Pinazo: Notes and Thoughts." Additionally, she has worked as a scriptwriter and head of production on documentaries such as "Segrelles, Universal Illustrator" and "The Young Ribera."

Not limited to non-fiction projects, Laura has also made strides in fiction. She took on the role of executive producer for the short film "DONA." With her diverse skill set and extensive experience in various aspects of the industry, Laura Grande continues to make her mark in the world of media and filmmaking.

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Director Statement

I am a fashion enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in the audiovisual industry, and this is my directorial debut project.

I had the pleasure of meeting Francis Montesinos while working on a fashion television program. His artistic strength and magnetism have always fascinated me. Throughout the years, I have come to understand his significance in the world of design and discovered the countless experiences and adventures that have shaped his life.

The primary intention of the documentary is to showcase the professional career and private life of this legendary and controversial Valencian designer. Titled "Montesinos: The Other Sides of the Legend", the film portrays the various aspects of his achievements and failures. We delve into the journey of a person who went from international admiration and residing in a suite at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid to losing his brand for 15 years. Montesinos himself reflects on his best moments and toughest challenges. In this 71-minute documentary feature, we have aimed to capture the essence of the Montesinos universe: its transgression, freedom, Mediterranean spirit, and recognizable prints that have shaped 20th-century fashion. We have breathed life into old photos and videos through animation and colorization, enhancing the Montesinos spirit throughout the documentary with creative graphic design and post-production techniques.

Additionally, we have filmed a fashion film outdoors, showcasing Montesinos' designs against the backdrop of the blue sky. Furthermore, taking advantage of a monographic exhibition about the fashion designer, our cameras have created an audiovisual dialogue/game between two legendary models from Montesinos' fashion shows and the dresses exhibited in the museum.

The narration carries two perfectly balanced rhythms: short statements from family members, team members, and fashion experts create an agile and dynamic dialogue among them. However, we allow Montesinos to look back on his memories and tell his story without haste, capturing the emotional moments covered in the documentary.

The interviews are visually distinctive, employing different composition and recording formats. Conversations with Francis Montesinos have been recorded with two cameras using different lenses, and they take place in spaces that align with the topics discussed. These settings are richly decorated, filling the frame surrounding the designer; Interviews with other guests, on the other hand, have been recorded with a single camera, capturing medium shots of each person. I would also like to highlight the inclusion of other interviews and archival footage from the 80s and 90s, which have been integral to the project. Additionally, we have included a clip from Pedro Almodóvar's film "Matador" where Almodóvar himself portrays Francis Montesinos.

Regarding the music, we have obtained the rights to songs from the era of the "movida madrileña" and Valencian composer Josué Vergara has created an original soundtrack with flamenco influences. In summary, we have recreated the world of Montesinos.

This documentary is a tribute to an artist who truly deserves it, as his impact on the fashion industry and his personal story of ups and downs will undoubtedly captivate the audience. Montesinos is a person with countless anecdotes and experiences who, despite setbacks, continues to stand strong. His career represents a journey of effort, sacrifice, and exploration, which serves as an inspiration for young designers, stylists, and fashion and art enthusiasts alike.