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Once an ordinary correspondent for a news agency and now an ambitious film critic for the country's leading film magazine, writes a devastating article about the star actor who suspects nothing about it. The thing is, he is the love of her life. And it is mutual.


Cristelle is an ordinary correspondent for an undistinguished news agency. She is well-versed in cinema and wants to become a film critic, but job interviews with film publications are not crowned with success. Instead of writing film reviews, she is forced to cover homeless strikes. After another failed interview, to her surprise, Cassidy, editor-in-chief of "Clapperboard", the country's leading and oldest film magazine, calls her and sets up an interview for a film critic position. Cristelle is beside herself with joy. She seizes this gift of fate and gets the job. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Dashiell, with whom she hides a relationship, returns from filming in Africa. He is narcissistic, one of the most popular actors of all time who is convinced that his talent is underestimated. He longs for awards and recognition. Dashiell considers this role in an African film the best of his acting career and is confident that it will earn him at least an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. He informs Cristelle that the film will open in Cannes.

Cristelle's work as a film critic goes with variable success. As well as Cassidy's. The investors of "Clapperboard" demand a sensation that the magazine will gain a new life and popularity and will not exploit past glory and successes. Cassidy realizes that she must come up with something to keep her job. The Cannes Film Festival is coming up. And this is her chance. The day before, Cassidy accidentally finds out about Cristelle and Dashiell’s secret affair when Cristelle sends her the film review from his phone. Cassidy had his phone number saved as a contact. She doesn't say anything about this to Cristelle. To the surprise of colleagues and Cristelle herself, Cassidy announces at the meeting that this time a new girl Cristelle will go with her to Cannes. Cristelle’s joy knows no bounds, but she does not even suspect what this trip will cost her.

Cristelle comes to the Cannes Film Festival and scarcely believes in the reality of what is happening. She cannot ever dream of such a thing. On the sidelines of the festival, there is a rumor about Dashiell’s outstanding work in an African film, however, it is not confirmed after the screening. His performance forces the film critics to leave before the film ends. After watching the film, Cristelle admits that this is a flop, and Cassidy sees this as an excellent newsbreak for "Clapperboard". Cassidy assigns Cristelle to write a scathing article about Dashiell that will undermine his career. Besides, Cristelle accidentally finds out how Cassidy knew about her and why she offered her a job interview. Cassidy tells Cristelle that she is more than pleased with her work at the festival, and Cannes is just the beginning. Cristelle is elated by the stunning prospects ahead. However, for their implementation, she will have to write a career-breaking article not just about the actor, but also about the love of her life.

Utterly devastated, Cristelle returns home. Cassidy demands that she write and publish the article on the website as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Dashiell is going to propose to Cristelle. He tells his mom about it first. She doubts the correctness of her son's intention because he was already going to ask his ex-girlfriend Cassidy to marry him. Mom reminds him how much Cassidy personally has done for his fame, being the editor-in-chief of "Clapperboard". Expecting a completely different reaction from mom, Dashiell replies that this relationship is in the past and he is totally in love with Cristelle. And who does Cristelle love — him or the job she always dreamed of? She will face a tough choice.

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I worked as a film critic for several publications. I covered Cannes Film Festival and others. Now I am on the other side of the industry, writing scripts for feature, short films and TV shows.

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