The "Mongu" film forum is an event that inspires and unites people who care about the protection of the environment, biocultural diversity and the revival of the culture of nomadic people

The 2st International Film Forum "MONGU" will be held from 25th of February to 5th of March, within the INTERNATIONAL ETHNOFESTIVAL “NOMAD PLANET”. The main program of the forum will be held in the city Er-Ryad, The Royalty of Saudi Arabia, where all the conveniences are prepared for watching films.
The program of the event includes watching of thematic films, discussions, seminars, master classes with the participation of international filmmakers and environmentalists and experts in the field of environmental protection; cultural and entertainment program of the forum, and of course the program of the INTERNATIONAL ETHNOFESTIVAL “NOMAD PLANET”.

Participants of the competition can be public and private studios, film companies, independent filmmakers, producers, creative groups and copyright holders of the provided films.
The program of the forum accepts documentary, scientific-popular and educational films created in 2010-2018 and complying with the main purpose and themes of the forum.
Duration of the film must be - from 20 minutes or more.
Films made in Russian language must have English subtitles.
Films made in English language must have Russian subtitles.
Films made in other languages must have English and Russian subtitles.
Responsibility for claims and claims of third parties related to copyright and related rights lies with the legal or physical person who submitted the film to the forum in respect of which the dispute arose.
The selection and formation of the program ends no later than one month before the start of the event. The results of the selection will be published on the official website of the forum, and will also be notified by e-mail, specified in the application form of the submitted film.
Forum organizers reserve the right to use photos, slides and film fragments (no longer than 3 minutes) for publication in the media.
Questions about the arrival of the official guests of the forum are to be discussed in personal invitations.
Any organizations or people willing to participate in the event as guests have to inform the Directorate of their intention in advance: no later than 31st of January, 2019 and agree on the terms of participation.