When in Rome

Logline: The newly-dubbed Roman Goddess of Teenagers is sent to Earth to learn about her new responsibilities by masquerading as a high school sophomore at an all-girls Catholic boarding school.

Set in 1982, the series is about Cardi, a Roman Goddess who needs to learn what it's like to be a mortal teenager at an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Rome. Cardi is better known among the Olympians as Cardea, the Goddess of Hinges and Thresholds. The Powers That Be decided that hinges and thresholds are doing just fine without divine intervention and Cardea is reassigned as the Goddess of Teenagers.

In the pilot Cardi must learn how to deal with roommates, nuns, and means girls (Later she’ll tackle dances and of course – boys). Fortunately, she is able to use her mystical powers to transform situations into fantasies she can cope with. An encounter with the Mean Girls becomes a scene from a Mob movie. A night spent planning revenge is re-imagined as a heist movie.

Even goddesses need oversight, and Cardi is no exception. Unknown to her, the Olympians have sent Abeona, the protector of children leaving the home, to keep an eye on her. Abeona infiltrates SAMI as the newest house mother, Miss Hills (named for the 7 Hills of Rome). Just to cause a bit of trouble, Discordia, the Goddess of discord and strife, decides to take a job as the school's new coach.

The rest of the season pits Cardi against the bizarre rituals of teen life: classes, cheerleader tryouts, sneaking off campus to visit the boys’ school, the perils of temptation, family strife, and ultimately finding your group and trying to fit in.

“When in Rome” continually breaks the fourth wall and changes tone and genre, entirely at Cardi’s whim; and usually with Italian overtones.

  • Amy Amani
    Dazzleland, When in Rome, Crossing the Divide, Comedy Bytes, Fintan Fedora the World's Worst Explorer, A Trick of the Light, The Adventures of Abakin
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Young Adult, Sitcom, supernatural
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  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Roadmap Writers Wise Words competition

    September 21, 2017
  • Nashville Film Festival
    Nashville, TN
  • ScreenCraft Fellowship

  • Oaxaca Film Festival
    Oaxaca, Mexico
    March 24, 2022
    Best Teleplay Award
Writer Biography - Amy Amani

I’m an American living it up in Oxford, England with my husband and two sons. This is my 26th address to date, having lived in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy, and all over the US. My education & background are in theater; I received a degree from Northwestern University, and a more practical education from The Groundlings Theater in LA. At that same time I worked as a PA at Regency Productions. I fled LA in ’94 for the serenity of the Rocky Mountains, where there is very little film or TV work. Returning to my first love live theatre, I acted, stage managed, built sets & costumes, but mostly directed. Eventually I tried my hand at screenwriting with my writing partner, Scott Gibson. We thought we could write a sequel to “Northern Exposure.” Silly us. Instead we wrote our own pilot about a small town filled with quirky people. No more than 6 months after we finished it, it was optioned. We never again had it that easy. Several projects, many competitions, and four options later, our most recent pilot “Dazzleland” was in development with Mozark Productions. My children's novel adaptation "Fintan Fedora the World's Worst Explorer" is making the rounds in the capable hands of Joey Tuccio. Now I am faced with the fear of success – a fear I have always wanted to face.

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