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Zhangmu Lama shared about the dream of her beloved brother Sange with her mother. In her dream, his brother Sange seems very angry and dissatisfied with her because he did not get any way to salvation till now after his death. He is roaming in weird places and stuck somewhere in-between paths. Being too much worried about him she goes to the monastery and worships for him and promises him to help his way to salvation. Now she hopes her brother Sange to not be angry with her further.

  • Pasang Dawa Sherpa
  • Pasang Dawa Sherpa
  • Prem Prasad Adhikary
  • Pema Lama Hyolmo
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    12 minutes 30 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 29, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    5,000 USD
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Director Biography - Pasang Dawa Sherpa

Pasang Dawa Sherpa, born on December 21st, 1989 AD, Sindhupalchok Nepal. He graduated in Film Studies from the Oscar international college, Nepal in 2013. His graduation film “The Rattling Fan” was honored with the "Audience Choice Award" in the 3rd Ekadeshma International Film Festival and "Best Film Critics' Award" in Sahar International Short Film Festival, and was officially selected by several film festivals around the world. He was appreciated by the Hyolmo Society of America Woodside, New York for promoting Nepali film, Hyolmo Sherpa culture, and language. Being passionate about cinema, Sherpa became a member of the Bikalpa Cinema Society Nepal in 2015 AD. He completed other short films “The Cave” in 2016 AD and “Dream 2020 AD” which was also officially selected in select film festivals around the world. Recently he is working on his feature-length project called 'A Hidden Tale Behind the Mist' which was selected in “Docskool” Clinik.Kathmandu in 2018, Arthouse Produire Au Sud Kolkata 2020 and NFDC Film Bazaar 2021 and awarded with IFI-PAS AWARD by INSTITUT FRANCES.

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Director Statement

I am always fascinated and wondering about my dreams. I used to see lots of weird dreams and got frightened at night but I always forget some of them in the morning. I always used to tell my dreams to my mom and she suggests I not to afraid of these dreams. She told me dreams are not real it’s just fantasy. So this Milam (dream) is one of the fantasies that I have seen in my dream after listening to my uncle’s (mom’s brother) story from her.

My mom always tells me that my uncle just looks like me. He passed away because of some diseases at a young age back in my hometown. He is a very talented singer and dancer, most of the village people remember him till now. My mom used to tell me that he always come into mom’s dream on the same day of his death. In the dream, he is always seeking a path to get out of weird places like hell but she could not help him to get out of this situation. So she is always worried about him.

I just got the same dream one night. My uncle comes into my dream and asked for help. As Buddhists, we have a belief that if someone died and came into dreams seeking help means his soul is really got stuck in a weird situation somewhere in between the path and can’t make his way to salvation. Then, we have to make worships in the name of that soul until he got salvation from that hell or in-between path.

Life is always like a dream to me and I always want to know more about dreams. It is another real happening world for me. We are awake in day time but have you ever noticed that it is just like a dream. It’s a moving different situation and time with the flow of sunlight. And at night we go to sleep closed our eyes and again we see a different moving world with the presence of light. Sometimes when you just awake from a weird thrilling dream and can’t figure out was it real or fake and you take some time and come to the real world but your mind still believes that dream was really right. We cannot make a difference between them or which one you going to believe. I felt that it will be very interesting to play with our dreams and make it into the cinema. I collect some of my dream Images and situation in a selected time frame and try to make a different world from it. In “Milam” I wanted to transform my dream into close to reality the same way as I see it in my dreams.