Founded in 1998, the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) is a project of the Maine Film Center.

10 days | 100 films | 50 filmmakers
During the 10 days of the festival we screen 100 films representing the best of American independent and international cinema.

More than just movies
Audiences have the opportunity to meet and talk with the people behind the movies. Each year we honor members of the independent film industry whose contributions to cinema deserve recognition. Our honored guests and visiting filmmakers host panel discussions as well as informal Q&A sessions, giving the audiences an incredible chance to hear about the art of film from those on the front lines. MIFF’s special guests have included Achievement Award honorees Hilary Brougher (2019), Dominique Sanda (2018), Lauren Hutton (2017), Robert Benton (2016), Gabriel Byrne (2016), Michael Murphy (2015), Glenn Close (2014), Keith Carradine (2013), Thelma Schoonmaker (2012), Malcolm McDowell (2011), Jay Cocks (2010), John Turturro (2008), Bud Cort (2007), Walter Hill (2006), Lili Taylor (2005), Ed Harris (2004), Peter Fonda (2003), Jonathan Demme (2002), Sissy Spacek (2001), Terrence Malick (2000), and Jos Stelling (1999).

MIFF audiences decide the winner of the annual Audience Favorite Award, presented to one new feature film at the close of the festival.

MIFF accepts submissions of feature-length and short films of any genre. Special consideration will be given to works that were filmed in Maine or that have a significant Maine theme or focus. MIFF will not accept films that have been theatrically released prior to the start of the festival or have been publicly exhibited in the state of Maine in any way (including film festivals, television transmissions, and one-off events).

Films in any language are eligible, but should be subtitled if not in English.

Overall Rating
  • Laura Darrell

    Running a film festival during a pandemic is not an easy task, but MIFF pulled it off with flying colors. Everyone was so nice, the drive-in venue was perfect, and I had fun! The audience was a great mix of filmmakers and repeat attendees, as well as new (to MIFF) audience members! Great stills were taken! I only wish we could have socialized a little more closely ;). Thank you again for having us!

    July 2020
  • Patrick Moser

    They love film and art so much they made it happen during a pandemic. Flattered to screen with MIFF and much respect!

    July 2020

    Fantastic festival and communication! Excellent venue and wonderful films. It was an honor to have Hiding in Daylight in this festival and as the director of the film I'm proud to have made our Maine premiere at this festival. Highly recommend submitting to MIFF!

    August 2019
  • We loved this festival!!
    Great communication, great films - this festival knows how to look after filmmakers - can't wait to go back again.
    Film Organizers Karen and Ken really know how it's done:)

    August 2019
  • Ehsan Mokhtari

    I'm very glad for screened my short film at the 22th Maine International Film Festival. That was a big chance for me, becouse the Maine is One of the important north American festivals.
    The festival team had great cooperation and even helped me a lot. I hope, I Wil be able to my new short film Participat in the next year.

    July 2019