The MOTOR CITY NIGHTMARES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (MCNFF) was created to showcase and celebrate the latest and greatest contributions of independent Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Thriller films and screenplays from around the world!
We help filmmakers and screenwriters get the exposure and recognition they deserve!

MCNFF is focused on bridging the gaps between filmmakers, fans, and financing. Since our film festival is part of our horror convention, we offer filmmakers the unique chance to hang with the horror icons, party with the fans, and network with distribution representatives and financiers.

We accept a wide variety of films and you may enter your film in multiple categories. We are expanding the number screenings this year to accommodate more films.

Our awards will be for:

* Best Actor/Best Actress
* Best Original Screenplay
* Best Cinematography
* Best Costume Design
* Best Film Editing
* Best Sound Design
* Best Special Effects (or Best Visual Effects)
* Best Director
* Best Horror Feature
* Best Horror Short
* Best Sci Fi Feature
* Best Sci Fi Short
* Best Fantasy Feature
* Best Fantasy Short
* Best Thriller Feature
* Best Thriller Short
* Best Animated Movie
* Best Michigan Made
* Best In Show
Prizes and Awards will be announced soon.

Motor City Nightmares Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Motor City Nightmares Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening materials entered.

Overall Rating
  • Corey Lovering

    Awesome festival. Highly recommend! Thank you on behalf of the entire Miss Mary Mack for making us an award winner for your awesome fest! Such cool/fun laurels.

    September 2021
  • Thank you Motor City for showcasing The Andy Baker Tape! Looking forward to making another film so we can return. Thank you!

    August 2021
  • Tony Greenberg

    Thank you to all at the Festival and for accepting THE RIDESHARE KILLER as one of your films. As a native Detroiter, I had hoped to attend, but was unable to make it this year.

    I would be very appreciative to receive any feedback about our film from the staff of the festival or the audience. It would be great if a newsletter could be sent out regarding all of the entries, prizes and audience responses.

    Tony - tonygreenberg.1@gmail.com

    August 2021
  • Ellen Weisberg

    Great festival. Happy to be part of it!

    August 2021
  • J.F. Estrada

    Super grateful to fest staff and audience for making our worldwide debut!

    August 2020