The Mescalito Biopic Fest is an international film festival that promotes social issues and biographical works dedicated to characters who have marked history in all its fields: politics, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, dance, cinema, architecture, sports and science. Extraordinary lives and epochal events to discover, deepen and relive together through the magic of cinema.
The second edition of Mescalito Biopic Fest will be held in the heart of Rome, in Villa Borghese, at Cinema dei Piccoli recognised as the smallest cinema in the world by Guinnes World Records Ltd.
In response to the crisis caused by the CoVid19 emergency that has overwhelmed the economic world in an epochal way, all films in competition will also be live broadcast on Mescalito Live virtual theater to reach his audience and involve them before, during and after the screening through a chat where share opinions with other roommates. In this way, even audience unable to physically attend the festival will be able to become special jury with the task of voting for each film at the end of the screening.


Can be selected by any of the following works completed after the first of January 2019:

- any International and Italian feature films, documentary and/or fiction, with a running time of 60 minutes or more. The films selected for this category will be competing for the following prizes:
* Jury Award for the Best Feature Film;
* Audience Award for the Best Feature Film.

- any International and Italian short films, documentary and/or fiction, with a running time of 1 minute or more. The films selected for this category will be competing for the following prizes:
* Jury Award for the Best Short Film;
* Audience Award for the Best Short Film.

40 works will be selected to compete for the following prizes:

- Best Jury Feature Film will be awarded by releasing your film in at least 20 theaters spread all over the Italian territory (worth € 10.000).

- Best Audience Feature Film will be awarded by releasing your film in at least 10 theaters spread all over the Italian territory (worth € 5.000).

- Best Jury Short Film will be awarded € 250.

- Best Audience Short Film will be awarded € 250.

Jury Awards are determined by a jury composed of professionals (filmmakers, actors, producers, distributors, journalists, international sales agents). Audience Awards are determined by audience votes.

Best Jury Documentary and Best Jury Fiction Film prizes will be awarded only after Mescalito Film Distribution Agreement acceptance by the winner.

1. Only films dedicated to social issues and/or challenges and/or events and/or characters that have marked the history of humanity can be submitted.

2. Submission period to the 2nd Mescalito Biopic Fest Edition will be from January 1st 2021 to September 30th 2021, only on on-line platform FilmFreeway.

3. All films need be subtitled in English.

4. More than one film can be submitted by the same person; However, the submission fee is required for each film submitted.

5. Submission fee is not refundable, no exceptions.

6. We accept films already submitted to and/or selected to other film festival.

7. World, International or Italian premiere is not required.

8. By submitting the film through the current call, participants declare themselves as the right’s holder of the film worldwide. This also includes any copyrighted material included in the film.

9. The selection of films will be made under the undisputed guidance of the Mescalito Biopic Fest Direction. Selected films will receive an official communication by e-mail. Within 1 week of receiving the e-mail, applicants must respond accepting the invitation. Once the official selection invite has been accepted, a selected film cannot be removed from the official program.

10. Data sheets of selected films will be automatically uploaded in our on-line catalogue on Mescalito Biopic Fest website.

11. Producers and Distributors of selected films must agree to include, in future promotion material, the mention of the participation at the Mescalito Biopic Fest, along with our official logo available on our website.

12. The payment of the subscription fee implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules and regulations. In unspecified cases, the final decision is at the full discretion of Mescalito Biopic Fest Direction.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity. It was wonderful to be at this festival and to have been part of the official selection.

    January 2021
  • Ognjen Petković

    Great communication with festival representatives. Worth the entry fee. I`m sure I will apply MBFEST with my next project.

    November 2020
  • It was a pleasure and an honor to be included in your film festival. Thank you for your quick response to all queries.

    November 2020
  • Alessandra Pescetta

    Molto professionale e fatto con il cuore.

    November 2020
  • Mohammad hormozi

    A new festival with professional performance

    November 2020