Are you a producer, filmmaker, or writer? Would you like to submit your Film, Short-film, and Screenplay (Short-Film, Tv Pilot, Feature Film) for consideration in the 1st year of Make A Wish Festival 2023? Do you want to win a deal with a Distribution Company for your Feature Film?

We’re inviting everyone to submit their work to us. This year we have several prizes up for grabs to support your next project and further your career.

The Festival will take place with live screenings from March 29th to 31st, 2024 at Sala Teatro Luigi Paesano in Naples. We are committed to making it as accessible to all creatives in each industry section based internationally. If your project is selected, you will be invited to attend the festival online. Moreover, possible tickets will be available for purchase to attend the events of the Festival.

Your Short - film project must be 15 minutes long max,

Your Feature Film must be 1h 30 min long max

Your Tv pilot screenplay must be 60 pages long max in a professional standard industry screenplay format

All projects must have been produced at least since 1st January 2019 as an original concept, with good production values, and it is not available on VOD already.

Before you apply, please read the rules and terms below.
Services of the Festival can include:
- Reviews from the blog The Hidden Review
- Interviews with Podcasts which are available on all Podcast Platforms.
Invisible International Actors & Artists
Invisible Italian Actors & Artists

The Make A Wish Festival will reward these categories with an award certificate:


Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Short film (15 mins max - Drama, Comedy, Musical, Horror, Science Fiction)
Best International Feature Film  (90 min max - Drama, Comedy, Musical, Horror, Science Fiction)
Best National Feature Film (Italian) (Drama, Comedy, Musical, Horror, Science Fiction)
Best Actor in a Drama
Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy
Best Actress in a Drama
Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Screenplay (Short-Film, Feature Film, Tv Pilot)
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Set Design
Best Costume Designer
Best Casting Director
Best Sound
Best Cinematography
Best Film Poster


Before you send us your project, please make sure you have read the following:

- Films must NOT have been completed earlier than 1st January 2019

- Films can be any style or genre and must be long respectively Short-films (15 min long max), and Feature Films (1h 30 min long max).

- This is for writers only, Short- films, Tv pilots, and Feature Films can be of any style or genre and must be long respectively for Short-films (15 min long max), Tv pilots (1-hour long max), Feature Films (1h 30min long max).

We accept screenplays written in English and in Italian - but we welcome projects translated into English or Italian.

- All the images and soundtracks used in your project must be your own or you must have permission from the copyright holder to use their music/images in your project.

- The language other than English, must be subtitled in English.

​- It is strictly forbidden to contact our jury to get noticed about your project, under penalty of exclusion from participation in the festival.
We believe in and respect the privacy of our staff and, therefore, protect them from any harassment there may be.
Please, respect their hard work as we work for you.

- By submitting your project to this competition, you give us permission to display your project at screening(s) during the Festival and at special preview screenings. You are also giving us permission to acquire the rights to put your project into our archives. This may include submitting your projects to possible distribution partners for VOD for an agreed time period. By submitting, you understand that the festival does not pay screening fees for projects in the programme for the duration of the competition. Full and further details will be confirmed in your festival selection email if shortlisted for the programme.

- Please submit two still images from your film, a headshot, any poster artwork and press materials that can be used for promotional purposes (Hi-resolution JPEG – no more than 3MB in size).

For promotion, as services included we have partnerships with: 

The Hidden Review, a blog for reviews about the film, theatre, and Tv is only available with a small fee to be paid during the submission; we can guarantee a review on a completed Film, Short-Film project.

Invisible International/ Italian Actors & Artists Podcast, to appear with an interview to all Podcast Platform; it is available only with a small fee to be paid during the submission of your project.

- We do not guarantee projects will be selected for the Make A Wish Festival, but we will notify all submitters, whether selected or not, by January 10th, 2024.

- If selected, we will require you to send Teaser/ trailer clean clips of your projects no longer than 2 min, to use for promotional material relating to the festival.

For the winners, we have partnerships with:

Talent agencies are interested to see your work, and services are available only for the winners in the Acting, and Feature Film categories.

- The festival does not agree to pay license or screening fees for selected projects in the programme.

If you need more information, contact us at email:

For Business inquiries relating to business partnerships, you can find us at this email: