Saadat Hasan Manto (1912–1955), the uncrowned emperor of
undivided India's story writers, had he been alive today, what
kind of stories would he be writing? The anthology film - 'Manto
Remix' is a creative presumption to tackle this very question.
Some things in the world change within a moment just with the gust
of wind and some get up and stand proudly even after getting
crushed under the wheel of time. The stories of Manto are also
standing up proudly. It has definitely befallen that the look and
feel of the times changed a bit. The things used in life have
changed. The more nano the thing called technology, becomes the
bigger Eve of the times. The fight for women to achieve equal
status in the world of men is intensifying today. In the midst of
all this, the world still needs Manto because the man who changes
colors and maneuvers with time has not changed. As his goodness
and badness, happiness and sorrow, shortcomings and merits,
compulsions and trickeries are the same.

'Manto Remix' is an attempt to see four such stories of this
brilliant Storywriter in today’s times, which are directly related
to the man-woman relationship. And this was Manto’s favorite
subject too. Despite that he was accused of writing obscenity and
nudity. Writing on the relationship of man-woman, he faced a lot
of opposition, suffered mental harassment and also faced the court
cases. Many of his stories were called 'dirty, derogatory and
objectionable' by his opponents. The four stories of 'Manto Remix',
Thandi Aurat (Frigid Woman), Man and Wife, Love and Marriage and
Thanda Aadmi (Frigid Man), explore and bring them on-screen with
full depth. Thandi Aurat is the story of a housemaker who is angry
with her husband for having illicit relations with other women.
‘Man and wife’ brings forth the hollowness of trust in the
relationship between husband and wife. ‘Love and Marriage’ depicts
the relationship of two sisters to a man. ‘Thanda Aadmi’ tells the
story of a man's guilt.

  • shrivas nydu
  • Ravi Buley
  • Yash thakur
  • Hansa singh
    Key Cast
  • Kanchan awasthi
    Key Cast
  • Bobby Vats
    Key Cast
  • Mrinalini Chatterjee
    Key Cast
  • Kaera Rathore
    Key Cast
  • Nalini Namjoshi
    Key Cast
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    1 hour 26 minutes 6 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 19, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    15,000 USD
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Director Biography - shrivas nydu

scripted and directed a number of public service ad films, documentaries, short fictions ,Feature films

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Director Statement

Manto Remix | Some Silly Sporty Stories
Director’s Note
You can call it an anthology of erotica but for me it talks
more than the eroticism. Basically, it deals with the subject of
man woman relationships. The nice thing about this anthology is
that it starts with tickling and ends in a tragic note. The very
first story ‘Frigid Woman’ talks about a very common thing which
happens between a husband and a wife. One lovely night man wants
to make love with his wife but she is in some another world and
rejects his proposal and meantime the conversation between the two
makes you giggle many a time. The second story ‘Man & Wife’ is a
coincidentally shocking, where the newly wedded wife boasts a lot
about her hubby to her friend who hates men. She insists her friend
to agree marrying her brother-in-law. This makes the friend to get
a soft corner for a man but unintentionally she falls prey to a
wrong man. The third story ‘Love & Marriage’ has a very dramatic
turn at the end. The man who was fond of body beauty ends up
praising the real beauty of heart. And finally, the fourth one
‘Frigid Man’ is a story of man’s guilt for a sin he committed in
the family.
I’ve been working on Manto’s writings since long. As I did
some experimental shorts titled #MantoTrilogy and I found Manto
was very true to his words. Though he wrote fictions but they are
all near to real lives or we can say he wrote slices of life. Here
in ‘Manto Remix’ also he is very true in telling his stories. One
can ask then as a director what you did when everything was already
written by the great writer ‘Manto’. Well there I’ll say I did
nothing but picturized the stories in its original thoughts. And
I feel that’s the challenge. Otherwise people would have asked me
where is Manto in your Manto Films. Obviously, it’s not in original
forms and periods as these stories are adaptations for the present
Not because of the budget constraints but because I wanted to
be very close to the characters, so I shot the film with Canon 5D
M-IV and mainly with Block 50 prime lens. Since film is talking
about stories from inside the four walls, and to capture those
very very intimate and private moments of the people residing there
in between the four walls, it was intentionally shot so close to
the camera. The intent obviously is to make audience experience
this film not just watch it.