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Mandbuddhi is the Story of a girl who is Pagli (Mentally Retarded as well as deaf & dumb), Her daughter Mandakini was taken away by Jumman Chacha to the city to Bijli Rani (Tawayaf), to be taken care of, as Pagli dies during delivering the child.
Mandakini grows up in the city as Bijli’s daughter. But she is taken back when Jumman on his death bed confesses to her about the hidden truth of her origin.
She is shattered to know that she is daughter of Thakur Suryabhan Singh, who had raped her mother, and was asked to be killed, so that no traces of the crime are left. But as Jumman Chacha used to treat Pagli as his daughter, he sought shelter for Mandakini at Bijli’s home.
Thakur Suryabhan Singh rules Sujanpur. Villagers worship him as their lord.
Thakur is a very dominating husband as compared to his loving and over caring wife Kuntika; he is a very dotting father to his son Chandrabhan.
Suman, Chandrabhan’s wife is in distress as she has not experienced the motherhood. But she is not to be blamed because there has been an ancient talisman (taweez) which has to be worn by the male of the family to bore fatherhood to continue the legacy of the thakur family.
On one hand where thakur family is longing for their heir which leads to petty quarrels in the family, at the same time in Sujanpur couples who were longing for child for years have started getting male heir for their families. A child of his own. It has been happening past few years since a lady arrived in the village as a blessing who lent her womb.
Going against Thakur’s will, Suman finally succeeds in convincing Chandrabhan & Kuntika to seek help for her to get the child from the lady who lends her womb every year in Ashwin Navratri (Hindu festival) after Navami hawan.
The same night when Chandrabhan is alone with the lady for the proceedings he is shocked when she puts the talisman around his neck before mating, saying the man has to wear it to get the child. He recognises the talisman to be the same that he had seen his father wearing, which had gone missing last twenty-four years.
He questions her about the talisman being with her, to which when she is about to reply, the door of the room opens with a bang and they see Thakur Suryabhan at the door.
She reveals herself to be Mandakini, daughter of Pagli who was raped by Thakur Suryabhan.
The villagers along with Bijli rani witness this scene. And she raises the curtain from the hidden truth so far, that Chandrabhan and Mandakini are biological siblings. Also, there are heirs of Thakur family in the village as Mandakini has been lending womb to people there.
Thakur realises his mistake after the entire ruckus and feels sorry for his deeds and seeks forgiveness from Mandakini to which she refuses, hands over the talisman to Chandrabhan (Kunwar), and walks away.

  • Sanjay Sakshii
  • Sanjay Sakshii
    Story, Screenplay, Dialogues
  • Vibha Sharma
  • Deepraj Rana
    Key Cast
    "Thakur Suryabhan Singh"
  • Pooja saxsena
    Key Cast
    "Bijli Rani"
  • Soni Singh
    Key Cast
  • Ravindra Dubey
    Key Cast
    "Jumman Chacha"
  • Ambika Singh
    Key Cast
  • Harshita Kashyap
    Key Cast
  • Gaurav Prateek
    Key Cast
    "Kunwar Chandrabhan Singh"
  • Ghanshyam Tiwari
    Key Cast
  • Shafqat Ali Khan
    Music Composers
  • Sanjay Sakshii
    Music Composers
  • Sanjay Sakshii
  • Pawan Chaudhary
  • Rohit Jha
    Art Director
  • Mehak Gulati
    Costume Designers
  • Vibha Sharma
    Costume Designers
  • Reshma Khan
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 46 minutes 22 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 11, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    400,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:

  • Romania
Director Biography - Sanjay Sakshii

Written and Directed a short film "SILENT STEPS". The film has been nominated in four International Film Festivals (DELHI, KANYAKUMARI, IMPHAL & SILIGURI) and two National Film Festivals (PUNE & ACCESS CODE Banglore)

Written and Directed a short film ‘ON THE WAY’ (based on road accident).

Written and Directed a short film ‘BETI’ for Aaj tak news channel.

Written songs for renowned singers like Suresh Wadekar, Bhajan maestro Anup Jalota, Jaswinder Singh, Classical Sufi singer Ustaad Shafqat Ali Khan, Sumeet Tappoo & so on...

Worked with Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh in an album "TAMANNA".

Written world famous "SATYA SAI CHALISA" for "Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust".

Worked with Sudesh Beri for the feature film ‘Ardh Purash’ for story, screenplay and dialogues.

Written two songs in hindi feature film “SATYA SAI BABA”. Music released by T-Series.

Associated with All India Film Writers Association and Directors Association as an active member.

Recently written,directed & edited a feature film ‘MANDBUDDHI’ on a very challenging women oriented subject.

Writting an International spiritual project "BHAGWAT GEETA" in the form of 18 songs with the world's top most singers.


Currently writing a poetry book : PAG PAG PAR (Step by Step) which is going to publish soon.

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Director Statement

My main motive for creating the film “MANDBUDDHI” was to make my audience aware of the misdeeds that happen with a woman who is deaf and dumb and gets raped.
This idea came to my mind when I had seen a woman from a village get pregnant due to the misdeeds of someone else, she had died giving birth to the child and the person who did it is still mysterious, this incident saddened me a lot and so I decided to take the cinematic liberty and then I imagined what could have happened with the woman and then I created a film on it.
But then I realised that not only the deaf and dumb women are helpless but even the women who aren’t deaf and dumb are just treated the same way as they don’t have the rights to keep their point and opinions in the society.
I was inspired by the legend Raj Kapoor and I’ve learnt the way of making social topics into movies from him.
"MANDBUDDHI" is a film which is surrounded around a very challenging topic and it is worth watching. People should definitely watch it because our whole society should be aware about the way women are treated.