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This film is a compilation of stories told by native tour guides from around the world. These stories have been put together into a visual essay about the evolution of the human relationship with the natural world.

In the past, human societies were deeply rooted in connecting with nature through the practice of animism and use of plant based medicine. However through the course of recent human history we have become increasingly distant from the natural world, our evolutionary home.

This has happened under the influence of various factors such as colonialism, industrialisation & rise of modern religions. Of the many factors urbanisation & tourism are two of the most recent themes touched upon in this film.

These stories are over laid with a poetic narration by the filmmaker. Through her narration she attempts to express her internal dialogue about the feeling of solastalgia, as she processes her journey across the Southern hemisphere.

  • Bhavna Shivayogimath
  • Bhavna Shivayogimath
  • Bhavna Shivayogimath
  • Juha Paananen
  • Hetta Huhtamäki
    Hetta Huhtamäki is a Producer/Director based in Berlin. She works at Agenturfuerkrankemedien GmbH As a digital narrative consultant helping museums and cultural institutions create innovative knowledge sharing platforms. Before stepping on the digital playground Hetta had previously produced a documentary series ‘On the way to Turku’ for nisi masa, which respectively premiered at the 65th critics week at Cannes film festival. She has worked as a producer and a director for both fiction and documentaries. She drives for honest and touching stories - currently focused on environmental and feminist themes.
  • Harri Huhtamäki
    Music by
  • Tapani Rinne
    Music by
  • Tuomas Norvio
    Music by
  • Mikko Toiviainen
    Mikko Toiviainen is a media educator and audiovisual production professional based in Helsinki, Finland and Berlin, Germany. He is motivated in his work by the possibilities of collaborative and shared meaning-making in both teaching and producing audiovisual works, and by the futile quest to grasp the ever evolving audiovisual language. In his BA, he has studied media production from a practical perspective, and worked extensively as a video editor, cameraman and reporter. Through the Masters’ program in visual and media anthropology he has widened his applied knowledge to the realms of visual ethnographic research and the politics of representation. As a media educator and workshop instructor he has worked widely with many age groups across various social and geographical environments.
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental
  • Genres:
    Nature, Travel, Indigenous, Environment
  • Runtime:
    33 minutes 50 seconds
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
    Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Tanzania, United Republic of, Vanuatu
  • Language:
    English, Finnish, Other, Portuguese, Spanish
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  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Bhavna Shivayogimath

Bhavna Shivayogimath is a filmmaker and visual artist currently living in Berlin. She was born in India in 1984 and grew up in between Mumbai, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok. She completed her Bachelors degree at Drake University, USA in 2005 and moved to Singapore in 2006 to start working as a producer. Thereafter she graduated from New York University's Tisch Asia School of the Arts with a Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production in 2012. She has collaborated with Tisch alumni Wee, Li Lin, Singapore’s leading filmmaker and produced Lin’s feature length film ‘Baby Bumps’ (2016) which was commissioned by Mediacorp Channel 5. 

In addition, Bhavna is a self-taught painter and her body of work comprises of mixed media paintings and murals that explore topics of female identity and diversity in contemporary urban life.


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Director Statement

In 2017 I took a sabbatical year, along with my Finnish partner, to travel across the Southern hemisphere. We were initially interested in meeting indigenous communities and experiencing their cultures.

Eventually with their permission I began filming and interviewing people along the way. At first I was mainly interested in learning and documenting the lives and thoughts of our guides who showed us around their villages and introduced us to their families.

Eventually these conversation and experiences started revealing the limitations of my own perspective, as someone who has only lived in big cities.

It made me aware that perhaps the absence of nature in my life, as a result of being raised in mega metropolises such as Mumbai and Bangkok, could in fact be the source of a lot of internal anxieties and distress I felt.

These are the thoughts and ideas that I have tried to put together in this film.