Sheetal is married to Arvind Singhania of the reputed Singhania family and he is considered one of the ace businessmen around. Samaira is married to Navneet who runs an NGO and belongs to a well-to-do family in the same city. Both the sisters, Sheetal and Samaira were leading a well-balanced life through Sahaja Yoga meditation and then all of a sudden they face challenges in their life.

Sheetal learns that her husband Arvind also has an elder sister who is no longer related to the family even so her mother-in-law, Mrs. Singhania is in sedation due to this reason and takes sleeping pills to sleep at night. Also throughout the day and the night she keeps watching her daughter Pritha and her children on social media. Sheetal tries to give her a balanced life through Sahaja Yoga Meditation and also promises herself to bring her daughter Pritha back to her mother-in-law's life. She gives her husband, Arvind moral support and from time to time encourages and guides him to face the challenges in life by remaining in balance. When the time comes, Sheetal brings Pritha back to the house with the power of her love and succeeds in her goal to reunite the mother-daughter and bring the whole family together.

Samaira's life gets into turmoil because of her aunt's daughters from London (Pony and Pinky) which leads to a rift in her relationship with her husband Navneet. Pony and Pinky's insistence on going to a nightclub poses a problem for Samaira. To top it off, their subsequent arrest in an unfortunate accident late that night that killed a hawker due to rash and negligent driving, lands them in jail. The full blown media coverage on TV of the incident throws challenges in Samaira's married life, until the grace of Sahaja Yoga meditation takes her and Sheetal's entire family into its embrace. Both Sheetal and Arvind solve the issue with their acumen.

Taking cue from the divine grace that saved Samaira's marriage, she provides a healing touch in the life of Mallika, her sister in law from London, visiting India with her husband Rohit who is Navneet's elder brother.

Through Sahaja Yoga meditation Dr. Aradhana provides insight to the scientific cause for Mallika's misfortune of not conceiving a child even after 10 years of marriage. She gives her Self Realization, when finally Mallika conceives. Samaira succeeds in helping her family understand how to fill the gap in their relationships with each other using the power of the love of God and by living a Sahaja life.

Pritha's husband, Aaron, a Scholar in Islamic Studies discovers the true meaning of Allahu Akbar & the entire Singhania family unites together to celebrate Arvind's success in his business & the reunion with his sister.

Both Arvind and Navneet wholeheartedly acknowledge the powerful enlightened Shaktis of their life partners whose roles as Grihalakshmis created strong bonds in their respective families. For when the Grihalakshmi becomes satisfied within, only then she transforms into Mahalakshmi, the giver of joy and evolution to a higher consciousness; the real wealth of life - The Mahalakshmi Path.

  • Prashant Naik
    Harvest of Hunger, Saptapadii (Gujarati Film), I Am Kalam, Das Capital: A City of Slaves, Kashmakash, Shorgul,
  • Aparna Gangopadhyay
    Grihalakshmi - The Awakening
  • Sanjay Roshan Talwar
    Grihalakshmi - The Awakening
  • Kashish Goswami
    Key Cast
    "Sheetal Singhania"
  • Bhumika Sharma
    Key Cast
    "Samaira Kapoor"
  • Sanjay Roshan Talwar
    Key Cast
    "Elderly Sahaja Yogi"
  • Aditya Kothari
    Key Cast
    " Arvind Singhania"
  • Nishant Prashar
    Key Cast
    "Navneet Kapoor"
  • Veenaya Dongre
    Key Cast
    "Mallika Kapoor"
  • Pratham Ghatkal
    Key Cast
    "Rohit Kapoor"
  • Raj Zutshi
    Key Cast
    "Sheetal's Brother-In-Law"
  • NN Tikku
    Key Cast
    "Senior Sahaja Yogi"
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  • Genres:
    Spiritual, Educative
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Director Biography - Prashant Naik

Director of Film Production & Chief Editor

Prashant Naik, a reputed National Award-winning Film Editor,is the Senior Professor and HOD in the Department of Editing at Whistling Woods International, a Mumbai based Film Training Institute.

Prashant, specialized in Editing at the FTII, Pune, in 1991, after completing a Graduate degree in Law and a Post-graduate degree in Commerce. Prashant's FTII Diploma film Punaravritti received the National Award in the Best Short Fiction category in 1992.

Prashant won the National Award for Best Editing for the film Harvest of Hunger in the Non-Feature Film category from President Dr. Abdul Kalam in 2005.

Over the years he has edited several corporate films, ad films, promotional films and documentaries and feature films. To name a few of his feature films are:-Shunya Swaroopa, Matira Bandhana and “Kokoli–Fish Out of Water” (Oriya Films). Saptapadii (Gujarati Film), I Am Kalam, Das Capital: A City of Slaves, Kashmakash, Shorgul, Grihalakshmi: The Awakeningand Zindagi On The Rocks (Hindi Films: Unreleased).

Latest Hindi feature film which he edited are “Tanashah”,“Macha Do, Bawander Macha Do (Unreleased) and Salam Namaste Vinanti Vishesh (SaNaViVi : Unreleased).

He has also done live editing for Cricket World Cup match between India and Australia in Wankhede Stadium in the year 1996He has been one of the curators for MAMI–2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, an International Film Festival attracting films from all over the world.

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Director Statement

Crafting 'Mahalakshmi Path' has been a divine experience, portraying authentic and sensitive stories of individuals transformed by Shree Mataji's blessings and Sahaja Yoga. We hope the film resonates, touching hearts and souls!