Our film festival started out of a love of a genre that is not widely made anymore but will always have a place in the hear of film history. The Western

As part of the M7 Con we strive to showcase all manner of western films, from the golden age to the more modern ones set is present day.

What makes a western so special is that it can be so versatile. There are so many sub genres that can be made, from suspense and horror to even steampunk and musicals.

The prize for our short Film contest is all dependent on the amount of entries we get. The prize is 50% of all entry fees

Films can be set in any sub gene of the Western, this includes Science Fiction, Alternate History, Modern, Steampunk, Horror, Action, Comedy, heck even a Musical if you’d like.
All Films must be under 40 minutes in length
They can be from any year and it is fine if they have shown at other festivals