Josh Kenneally, is among the thousands of workers in the city affected by the sudden outbreak of yet another virus, forced to work from home. It is here where the majority of the movie will take place, his one bedroom apartment, and the surrounding areas of his high-rise building.

While tediously logging into his laptop every morning for work and interacting with a co-worker of his, who also happens to live in the same building, Josh also struggles with schizophrenia. 

The constant voices and whispers he hears, begging to be “let out”.

This becomes apparent at his frustrated efforts in trying to get in contact with his doctor’s office for a refill on his prescription.

Each day that goes by, his pills are dwindling.

The constant stress of being isolated, a sudden break-up, dealing with a nosy, Karen-esque neighbor, and his annoying co-worker pushing a major job project on him,  begins to push this poor soul over the edge, losing his grip on reality. 

Reinforced by the notion that for some strange reason, Josh feels he is somehow turning into a werewolf.

While his cries for help either go unnoticed or even mocked, Josh wakes up each day with an added physical attribute of a werewolf.

His sense of smell, hearing and even strength, greatly enhanced.

Josh’s sudden change also becomes apparent when his regular appetite for cooked food (meat), turns into a salacious yearning for raw meats.

Upon receiving a work related email from his boss, stating he is being let-go from his position, Josh eventually finds out that his coworker Dave, has stolen an idea that Josh originally came up with, and because of that, has secured his position at the banking firm.

This finally sets Josh off into a ravage fueled tirade in which he physically transforms himself into a junkyard version of Wolverine. Sharp, silver utensils nailed into his hands as claws.

While his own physical transformation has taken place, Josh may have also manifested something much more sinister.

Lychotic is a taut, psychological thriller that delves deep into mental health issues, the tension of a global pandemic, various current social issues, and packed with a final thirty minutes of bloody, gory fun, horror fans will heavily embrace.

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    August 1, 2021
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    August 1, 2021
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Writer Biography

Eddie Cisneros is the author of the series Hispanicus, published by Printhouse books.

His recent short film script "1202" was selected as a quarterfinalist in the 2021 Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship

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Doorman by trade, writer always!!