26 years ago a group of cinephiles got fed up with bootlegging genere film that never saw the light of day in Sweden. They started a small festival focusing on the horrors in the film world.

The festival has since developed into a festival embracing all sides of the fantastic genre to challenge our audiences imagination. We consider everything from "Amélie" to "Human Centipede " as part of the fantastic family, and we love offering a platform for filmmakers to show their work on the big screen!

We believe that fantastic films can tell stories out of the ordinary, creating a space for the audience to explore the daily life from a different point of view, no matter length, subject, human or vampire.

Due to the state of the world FFF will this year be held as a hybrid model with both online and physical screenings. Since we are a highly currated festival our offical festival program will only be slightly reduced and we are opening up for a potetial larger slection of short films.

Audience Award - best short and feature based purely on the hard criticism of our audience

Méliès d'argent - Lund's contribution for the Méliès d'or competition for best european
short and feature film (In collaboration with the European Fantastic Film Federation)

Siren Award - Best International feature with a cash prize (Due to Covid this award will be on hold until further notice)

Lund Fantastic Film Festival aims to reveal and promote so-called fantastic films that tells stories out of the ordinary. We aim to promote fantastic film productions from all over the world, with a focus on diversity, imagination and storytelling.
For films out of competition* the following rules apply:

1. All films must have been completed in the 14 months preceding the festival
2. Feature films must be over 60 minutes
3. Short films must be under 60 minutes
4. The films must contain fantastic elements or in other ways broaden one's perception of “the ordinary”.

The selection committee reserve the right to reject any film that contains explicit sexual violence, if it is not a motivation for the film.

The film should be submitted via online screener, unless otherwise agreed upon.

In addition to the submission form fully filled out, complementary documentation such as press kit can be send by mail (submission@fff.se).

The festival notes that the submission is for reviewing only and the submitted project will not be subject to any screenings.

Submission fees are non-refundable.

Selected film:

If your movie is selected the festival will not pay any screening fees.
By submitting, you agree to grant the festival the right to use film images for promotional purposes for the Festival, if the film is selected.
It is the responsibility of the filmmaker to clear all rights before your film screens at the festival and FFF will not be liable for any costs if this is not cleared before the screening of the film.

The transport expenses of the print will be covered by the owner, unless otherwise agreed upon.

The projection format must be DCP unless otherwise agreed upon.

Copies of films must reach the festival office no later than October 21st, 2020. Unless otherwise agreed upon.

FFF will cover insurance costs for the storage and use of the prints on site at the festival.

Once a movie is selected by FFF’s Selection Committee and cleared with the right holding party, it can in no case be removed from the program.

Please note that by submitting your film you agree to the rules and regulations for the FFF 2019.

*FFF features the following competitive sections:

- The International Competition - The Silver Méliès Award for the Best European Feature & Short Film

The programming board selects the films to be screened in the International Competition. Special dispensation notwithstanding, only films meeting the following criteria will be selected:

1. All films must have been completed in the 18 months preceding the festival.
2. As a general rule, priority will be given to International, World Premieres.
3. The projection format must be DCP.
4. Running time must be at least 60 minutes

The programming board selects the films to be screened in the Silver Méliès Award for the best European Fantastic Feature & Short. Special dispensation notwithstanding, only films meeting the following criteria will be selected:

1. All films must have been completed in the 24 months preceding the next Golden Méliès Cycle.
2. All films must qualify as European Productions as defined by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation in its regulations, available at the following address: www.melies.org
3. As a general rule, priority will be given to International, European and Swedish Premieres.
4. The projection format must be DCP.
5. Running time must be at least 60 minutes for feature films and maximum of 20 minutes for short film.

General Technical Specification Lund:

Image speed: 24 fps (OK with 25 & 30 too)
Image format: FLAT or SCOPE.
Audio format: 7.1, 5.1, 4.0 or 1.0.
Subtitles (optional for English films): burnt-in/ hardcoded
Hard disk / USB. Formatted according to NTFS or Ext2 or 3

Overall Rating
  • luke humphrey

    Great communication and made things possible in a challenging time.

    November 2020
  • Niall Shukla

    Lund International Fantastic Fest is a really great festival! It has terrific organisation and communication to its filmmakers. I was very pleased to have my short “A Doll Distorted” selected for this festival. You can tell the whole team put a lot of passion and effort into organising the event and to each film they curate. There is also a real desire to make all the filmmakers feel like one big community. Sadly I could not attend being in the UK, but I have only heard great things from each of my fellow filmmakers who attend this festival each year. I would thoroughly recommend submitting to this festival!

    October 2020
  • It is such an honor to have been selected at this amazing festival. We had the chance to go and see our short film being screened in the beautiful city of Lund where we met the organizers... such cool cats! :-) We loved everything about Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2019 and our stay in Sweden.

    October 2019