Lucy & Miranda (can't boot scoot!!)

Lucy & Miranda haven't been friends since the age of 7 where they shared a common interest in line dancing. Years have passed and they find themselves living in the same town, both despondent with their lives. Oddball Lucy's line dancing school is on the brink of bankruptcy while heavily pregnant Miranda has not yet come to terms with her lot in life. Lucy convinces Miranda to embark on a road trip to the Tamworth line dancing championships to save her line dancing school before her cheating greedy boyfriend, Greg, takes it all away from her. Along the way, on this hilarious journey, a heartwarming friendship is born.

  • Leasal Liddle-Pirouet
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Writer Biography - Leasal Liddle-Pirouet

Leasal has been quietly writing screenplays while raising her 3 daughters. Her first comedy screenplay 'Jess & Julius' was nominated for Best Foreign Screenplay in the international screenplay competition Fresh Voices. She has since written 'The Black Witch & the Prince', a darker & in-depth look at the fairytale Sleeping Beauty, 'Lucy & Me' a line dancing feature comedy, 'Miranda's New Friend', a comedy short film which placed in the quarter finals of Screencraft short film International screenplay competition and is a proof of concept for the feature 'Lucy & Me', 'Ursula Devine', a comedy pilot and 'Any Spirits Present', a supernatural thriller feature. Leasal has recently directed & co produced her short film 'Miranda's New Friend'. The film is currently in post production.

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Writer Statement

Writing Lucy & Me was so much fun. To build a heartwarming friendship between these two mismatched friends was a joy for me. Both characters have pieces of myself and my female friends. I have incorporated my love for dance in this film with lots of upbeat boot scooting routines.