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Love of the wolf

Nowadays. In Poland, the portrait “Love of the Wolf” is depicted at the auction depicting a girl in the century before last, at whose feet lies the wolf. One of the contenders for the lot, Susanna, is no different in appearance from the heroine in the portrait. Due to lack of money, Susanna can’t buy the work, but her friend of the father and the applicant for the girl’s hand and heart give it to her.
1810 year. The serf Nikolai fell in love with the girl Natasha with mutual love. The despot father decides to pass her off as a wealthy landowner from a nearby Volgin farm. A pair of lovers decides to escape. They stop to relax for a couple of minutes. Natasha falls asleep and sees in a dream that instead of Nikolai there is a wolf next to her. She also saw him earlier during fortune-telling on the mirror. On the way, Natasha and her beloved are caught, and Nikolai is being bitten by dogs in front of the girl. Father is devising a way to escape the punishment of the authorities. He throws a bracelet into his slain pocket - a gift from fiancé Volgin. That same evening, the landowner arranges the wedding of his daughter. However, during night boat rides, drunken father Natasha and Volgin drown. The girl manages to escape in the water and swim to the shore. People on the farm began to believe that Nikolai became a wolf. They came up with revenge for Natasha for his death and for the cruel father of the landowner. Residents began to set fire to the landlord's house. But suddenly a wolf appeared on the farm. In a panic, the residents left Natasha and her house. Soon she gave birth to a child from Nikolai.
In parallel, the action describes our time. Great-great-granddaughter of Natasha Polka Susanna falls in love with a worker at a construction site from Ukraine Sergey. But the girl’s father prevents them from being together, wants to marry Alexander, the unloved groom. Sergei manages to get out of prison on an unfair charge of stealing Susanna’s bracelet, which was once presented to Natasha Volgin. He conveys to his beloved a note depicting a wolf from an ancient history, about which Susanna told Sergey. Susanna realizes that Sergei could not betray her and steal the bracelet. At the last moment, she manages to go to his station. The couple travels together to Ukraine and ends up at the place where the events took place with Natasha and Nikolai in an old farm. There, happy Susanna realizes that no one will separate them from her beloved.
The secondary storyline describes the love of servant Natasha Glasha and serf artist Peter. His drawing of a panel commissioned by Nicholas aroused the anger of the landowner. And despite the fact that Peter did not paint for himself, the landowner gives him a choice: to leave the painting forever and marry Glasha, or to be sold. Glasha remains faithful to her beloved, despite the fact that he chooses to draw the work of his life. The couple says goodbye, and Peter is taken away. After some time, at a bachelorette party, Glasha sees in the hands of one of the guests a caricature. It turns out that he was written by an unknown artist, whom they wanted to marry by force. The painter renounced wealth, will, and showed everyone on the wedding day this caricature. The artist was exiled to Siberia. Glasha understands that the portrait was painted by Peter. Lovers meet only in 1862 after the abolition of serfdom, when both are seventy years old. The artist comes to the farm, where he spent his youth and draws her young with the aged Natasha in the portrait “Love of the Wolf”. Glasha recognizes in the old man Peter.

  • Zhanna Smyshlak
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    Любовь волка
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Writer - Zhanna Smyshlak