Lost Planet

Once upon a time in a distant galaxy ... On the planet Keprus, Keprus City hosts the annual music festival "IceFest". And as ardent fans of music and festivals, Sandra Jääger and Carl Bentley go to this festival in the Old District of Keprus. The festival itself takes place in the Old District and in China Town, occupying 1/4 of the entire area of ​​the city. They had fun there and had a great time. At this time, Professor Casper Thornhill in his laboratory was finishing the cure for all diseases. But he went too far with octorongolovingin and instead of medicine, it turned out Godzilla, who destroyed almost the entire laboratory and went towards the festival. Karl and Sandra sat on the bench, and saw people running ahead. They looked and saw a huge godzilla destroying the entire festival. They got scared and ran away. The military crowd began to fight Godzilla, but nothing helped. Godzilla destroyed and destroyed everything. In the end, Godzilla killed all the military and there was no hope of salvation. The civil war began. Civil war strikes the galaxy. A frightened resident of the planet Keprus, Sandra Jääger, flees from Keprus along with Carl Bentley. They head to Leoneria on their star ship. After leaving cold Keprus, a group of alien warriors notices them and also flies to Leonieria. When they finally arrive, their ship breaks down and eventually explodes. They notice the aliens and they get scared, because the aliens have a huge army with a lot of the best weapons. Carl and Sandra, who suspect nothing, are being robbed by aliens and the fight begins. Carl uses his weapons and traps to save Sandra. Carl and Sandra decide that the time has come to leave Leoneria and steal the space rocket to fly away from there. They are faced with a huge tribe of giants and their leader, Evil Duck-cook. Karl is attacked, captured and stolen by giants along with Sandra. But Carl is getting out, but Sandra was not saved. Giants and aliens fly away. Karl uses his superpowers, but she does not help in turn and he decides to transform himself into an alien to get into the ship. He managed to get into the ship, but after 30 seconds, his super-abilities turned off. As a result, the pilot of the ship throws Karl out of the ship and launches missiles at Karl, and the already helpless Karl falls back into Leoneria. Giants and aliens with Sandra fly back to Keprus. Upon arrival, Sandra was led to Jessica Pigeon and Sandra was sharpened in a cage to conduct experiments on it. Jessica Pigeon is a terrible alien. Also, besides Sandra, Jessica has 10 more victims. Since this all happened in the city center, superheroes noticed it and flew into place. It turned out that they and Karl were already familiar from childhood, but Karl had a memory loss at the age of 6. He abruptly remembered everything and told them, and they flew to Jessica’s vast luxurious castle. Aliens have noticed that they flew and hid. When the heroes flew to the castle, there was no one there. But from the back of Charles came the alien warriors and kicked them all. But Karl and his friends played along with them, that they were already powerless so that then they could strike and eventually destroy, which they is did, after which they ran into the room with the cells. Doctor Invisible makes everyone invisible and all imperceptibly pass to the keys. Then they kill Jessica and free all prisoners, including Sandra. All of them run out of the lock, after which the alarm goes off. When they left, all the passages were closed by alien warriors, giants, Duck-cook and Jessica. Jessica was able to come to life thanks to her ability to regenerate. After that, a nuclear bomb was thrown at Karl and all the rest. After which a very large nuclear explosion occurred. The nuclear bomb has destroyed the world as we know it. Professor Casper Thornhill - the only hope of mankind. Casper finds the courage to create a secret revolutionary organization called "CMBK". He found the DNA of almost all of the heroes who died then, and he creates stronger, more durable, clever copies of them. Armed with swords and antidote, CMBK are doing everything they can to save the rest of humanity and the entire Kingdom of Cuva from decay. They took everyone to the planet Engemia and they begin to clear the planet of debris, corpses, etc. But at one moment on the planet begin anomalous events, such as: Atomic Winter, Big Continuous Lightning and the worst, Incredibly strong earthquakes of magnitude 11 points. And Duck, Giants and Aliens came to life. After this, the earthquake began to destroy the planet and then it began to approach the Black Hole. The Incredible Gladiator kept the planet from falling into a black hole, but in the end he sucked himself in there, trying to keep the planet. And then the planet collapsed due to another nuclear explosion.

  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Потерянная Планета
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Television Script, Other
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
    English, Russian
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project: