The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest was created to introduce new screenwriters into the world of professional scriptwriting and to provide recognition to those new and unknown talents looking to forge careers as professinal writers in the entertainment industry. As such, the contest stands as a testament to rewarding and recognizing quality storytelling through film.

The LA Screenplay Contest’s primary goal is to recreate the opportunity channels that were once more accessible in Hollywood when agencies were more diverse and working writers mentored bright prodigies. We bring the best of today’s screenwriters to those who seek their talent with the written assurance that we will never own, sell, or misuse any script that enters our competition.

You’ve proven your discipline. You’ve nearly sacrificed your sanity. You’ve accomplished the impossible. You have written the next Hollywood blockbuster or independent masterpiece: but where do you take it? The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest was created to give screenwriters a new point of access to the film industry and to have their scripts read by professional, industry script readers and create opportunities to sell their stories.

The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest employs judges with combined decades of experience as professional script readers working in the industry for production companies, studios and literary agencies. Our judges know exactly how to recognize quality scriptwriting and storytelling. Undiscovered and signed talents are all welcome to take up the challenge and have their scripts join this competition of tomorrow’s top screenwriters.

Winners will be chosen from a variety of categories and will receive valuable prize packages and industry recognition that can serve as an important stepping-stone for opportunities for even greater success. It is our hope that recognition as a winner of the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest can bring your work attention that can help pave a career as a professional screenwriter.

You wrote the script, now believe in it.

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The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest operates under the principles of fairness, professionalism and integrity to all participants, sponsors and judges. As such, we highly recommend that all contestants read and understand these rules.

Script submissions to The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest can be quickly done online, even internationally. All screenplays must be submitted through FilmFreeway.

All contestants must be 18 years old or older upon submission into the contest. Younger writers, keep at it, your time will come.

Remember to have your screenplay in perfect form and ready to upload. Scripts should be submitted in .pdf, .rtf, or .txt format.

Employees, sponsors and judges of the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest and their immediate families are ineligible to participate as contestants in this competition. Ineligible submissions will be immediately invalidated.

You may submit more than one script. Each script you enter must be submitted with its own registration and entry fee. You may also submit the same script into separate genre categories. There will be a genre winner in each category as well as a Grand Prize Winner for best overall screenplay.

No marketing material included with any script entry will be looked at or considered. DO NOT pitch your story or script in any materials submitted to this contest.
Your screenplay should be meticulously proofed and ready for the judges upon submission.

The title page and all following pages of the submitting script should not show any personal information, such as your name, address, etc. DO number the pages after the title page but DO NOT number scenes.

A model script should be full-length feature screenplays, falling somewhere between 70 to 130 pages, and written in a standard script layout. Research proper screenplay formatting on the Web or purchase screenwriting software with pre-installed templates for industry standards. Poor formatting will not disqualify submissions, however bad formatting severely distracts from the story.

Any and all writers of a submitted script must be listed at the entry processing stage. Up to four authors may be listed as authors of a single submission and only one entry fee is required. The first author listed will be the primary contact and should provide their information in the entry process. All authors listed must agree to the terms of the contest prior to entry. The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest holds no liability in disagreements among listed authors.

All entries must be owned by their submitting authors for the duration of the contest.
All rights to submitted screenplays are retained by their author(s). The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest does not in any way own the rights to you submitted script and never will. We do claim the right to use your name, image and screenplay title (and general synopsis) in future marketing of the contest. This will always be done in a positive and promotional spirit for the best screenplays entered. We do not support any agency or studio and do not financially gain from any screenplay sales. Sponsors cannot be judges.
It is highly recommended that you register your script with the Writer’s Guild, or better yet have it copyrighted with an appropriate state agency before submission.

Although rare, similar concepts, ideas, stories, characters or other story elements may be embodied in more than one submission and/or by current developments by the contest Judges and that any overlap of such reasonably shared concepts, ideas, stories, characters or other elements do not entitle any entrant to any compensation or credit.

All submissions must be the original and the sole work of the author(s) listed and not in violation of any copyright laws, trademarks, intellectual property rights or basic ethical standards of amateur or professional writing. Any submission found to be in violation of the above or to be proven to be plagiarized in any way will be immediately disqualified. Furthermore, The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest shall in no way be held liable for any such legal action that results from unlawful or restricted submissions.

By submitting your work to the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest you agree to hold us, our affiliates, our employees, and partners harmless from all claims and damages.
Once the submission process is completed and the entry is finalized no refunds for the entry fee will be given.

This contest is void where prohibited or restricted by any Federal, State or Local law.

Overall Rating
  • Bill Brock

    Thrilled to have my two screenplays, “The Dress” and “dream HOLLYWOOD”, earn Finalist status in the 2018 “Suspense/Thriller” category.

    January 2019
  • Michael McClendon

    A terrific contest with great communication. Prestigious and professional, this one is highly recommended!

    January 2019
  • Jay Mullings

    Good value for money. Would submit again...

    March 2018
  • Very honoured to have been an official finalist with my screenplay 'Joseph'! Thank you!!

    December 2017
  • Neil Chase

    A great experience. Solid communication and timely posting of results.

    December 2017