Based in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, LA Screen Award winners are given increased exposure in the film community.

For each competition, the best films and scripts in each category will be given an official award and the top scored entries will be given official placement laurels for use in trailers and marketing. Plus, the winner in each category will be entered into a private film and script sales network where Hollywood industry professionals and financiers will consider your project for distribution rights, story rights, adaptation rights, or option agreements.

Feature Films
- Best Feature Film
- Best Animation
- Best Action/Adventure
- Best Drama
- Best Comedy
- Best Horror
- Best Thriller
- Best Sci Fi
- Best Documentary

Short Films
- Best Short Film
- Best Animation Short
- Best Action/Adventure Short
- Best Drama Short
- Best Comedy Short
- Best Horror Short
- Best Thriller Short
- Best Sci Fi Short
- Best Documentary Short

TV or Web Series
- Best TV or Web Series
- Best Comedy Pilot
- Best Drama Pilot

Feature Screenplays
- Best Screenplay
- Best Animation Screenplay
- Best Action/Adventure Screenplay
- Best Drama Screenplay
- Best Comedy Screenplay
- Best Horror Screenplay
- Best Thriller Screenplay
- Best Sci Fi Screenplay

Short Screenplays
- Best Short Screenplay
- Best Short Animation Screenplay
- Best Short Action/Adventure Screenplay
- Best Short Drama Screenplay
- Best Short Comedy Screenplay
- Best Short Horror Screenplay
- Best Short Thriller Screenplay
- Best Short Sci Fi Screenplay

TV/Web Series Scripts
- Best TV or Web Series Script
- Best Drama TV Pilot Script
- Best Comedy TV Pilot Script

1) All entries must be in English (or, for films with primary dialogue in another language, English subtitles are required)

2) All entry fees must be paid in US Dollars and are non-refundable. The industry professionals who have taken their time to assess your work cannot recover that time regardless of your film or script's final placement.

3) All films and/or screenplays must be submitted electronically. (Please do not send physical discs, films, or scripts.)

4) By entering your film or screenplay, you certify that you own the intellectual property. You also understand that we will NOT claim any rights in your work without your permission. If an industry professional is interested in purchasing or optioning the rights to your work, you will be individually contacted on a case-by-case basis. For screenplays, registration with the WGA or US Copyright Office is recommended for your own protection but not required.

5) We reserve the right to put the result of a round on hold until the next cycle (or until a new deadline) if there are insufficient entries to comprise a fair competition. This is unlikely but may happen in case there is a need to balance the competition between rounds in order to maintain fairness to other entrants.

6) You must be reachable at the email address provided during the entry process.

7) Works in progress are accepted. However, please indicate clearly in the entry information that the work is still in progress and what elements (for example: sound, visual effects) are expected to be completed at a later time.