Our primary goal is to discover great filmmakers from all around the world who stand out for using art to express a message and assist them in promoting their work.
Welcome to the LAFC Film Festival's annual gathering in the center of Los Angeles. We anticipate welcoming visitors from all over the world to our welcoming, amiable, and diverse film festival. We are thrilled to host a fantastic lineup of 2 days of screenings in 2023.

We welcome contributions from all genres and walks of life as an independent, worldwide film festival. We introduced numerous affordable categories that are solely available to students in an effort to inspire our youth.
Our festival offers an opportunity for reflection on the future of our world and our place within it, in addition to offering audiences and filmmakers a broad cinematic experience. Our main objective is to broaden the audience for certain short fiction and nonfiction films that confront and reflect on issues on a global scale.

At Los Angeles Filmmakers Circle, we strive to bring together a diverse group of filmmakers, actors, and other creative professionals to collaborate and learn from each other. We believe that by pooling our collective knowledge and experience, we can help each other reach our highest potential. Our members come from all walks of life, from novice filmmakers to award-winning veterans, and from all over the world.

We offer a range of resources, from networking events to workshops and industry panels, to help our members stay connected and informed on the latest trends and technological advancements in the film industry. Our goal is to provide an inclusive and inspiring space where people can come together to create something great.

A panel of business professionals will watch and evaluate each film that is submitted.
Not selected films:
We appreciate your submission, but your film was not chosen at this time.

Official Selections will receive festival laurel.

NOMINEE - A private jury screening will be place, and your movie is eligible for a number of awards.
FINALIST - Your movie received a high score, qualifies for awards, and will be shown live at our event.

All finalists will receive festival laurel, certification and cash prize:

Best short film

Best feature film

Best animation

Best documents

Best actor

Best director

Best editing

Best music

Best screenplay

*All entries must be in English or have English subtitles.

All Category Award Nominees [FilmFreeway Judging Status label NOMINEE] are eligible for awards but will not be screened at our live event.

All Best Film Finalists [FilmFreeway Judging Status label FINALIST] are guaranteed to be screened at our event

*LAFC does not pay screening fees for chosen films.

*All entries must have an online screener via the FilmFreeway platform, Vimeo or YouTube.

* All fees are non refundable.

* All movies must be made after 2014