Lord of the Senate

To increase his power on and off the US Senate floor, a ruthless and brash Texas Senator hires a manipulative young politico who creates a clandestine empire with mobsters and oilmen.

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    Television Script
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    Drama, Noir
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  • Real Heart

    October 7, 2020
Writer Biography

As a multifaceted creative, Monty’s content ranges from books, a web series, kid’s travel world, to film scripts. He credits his diverse imagination with both travel and living abroad, where he learns stories from other cultures that provide a unique writing perspective. With children’s literacy and empowerment near his heart, he is creating a foundation that teaches storytelling to Tanzanian girls and dropouts.

Originally from Texas, Monty lives abroad with his wife, three children, and Welsh terrier, Calypso. His romance with his wife is a real-life romantic comedy, one he’s been inspired to write. Though his content company, Carltons Creative, has kept him busy for the last five years, he finds his work fulfilling. When he’s not working, he’s being a loving husband and hands on father with a joy to inspire his children to be strong readers, to chase their dreams, and never to give up!

The key differentiator between Monty and other creators—he creates content not to be consumed and forgotten, but designed to be lived...

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