Long live, Girl

On the opening day of famous artist Professor Su’s art exhibition: "Long live, girl", school girl Tan Xue jumped suicide in the university. At this point, the girl’s mother and boyfriend disappeared, and the university was reticent about the incident. Criminal police Shu Mo, who was frustrated and unsuccessful in the past old cases, was the only one investigating this pending criminal case. He found traces of abuse on Tan’s dead body which, brought back his past pain, and determined to find out all hidden secrets. Thanks to Shu’s superior ability, He reproduced Tan’s life trajectory from the races, trying to unveil campus bullying. However he heard totally different truth from Tan’s classmates and teachers. He continued investigation but met difficulties one after another. At this time, the dead body of Tan’s mother was found, and missing boyfriend came to the police, which pulled out more questions. However the investigation held up the university too much time, the art exhibition must be reopened soon, all the people urged Shu to close the case immediately. Pressure on the shoulder, Shu Mo accidentally found Tan Xue’s amazing genius manuscript, opened a huge secret.

  • Sun Kejia
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Writer - Sun Kejia