The London Shows International Film Festival promotes the advancement of innovative cinema from emerging filmmakers, embracing the passion of new filmmaking to stimulate public interest in the study and appreciation of the art and craft of cinema.

Showcasing your work around the world, building press coverage, exposing you to global production companies, industry agencies, and worldwide producers. If your work is rich in substance, has exceptional subject matter, a superior execution of story structure and you want to screen your work to a truly remarkable and global audience then this is your film festival.

The festival is open to any level of filmmaker, from amateur to professional.
The London Shows Film Festival is now accepting all digitally submitted entries for moving media, screenplays, production development, and more submissions for; awards, prizes, and distribution.

Submit your screener or media digitally through FilmFreeway.

Awards & Prizes

· Best Feature
· Best Short Film
· Best Director
· Best Actor
· Best Actress
· Best Screenplay
· Best Cinematography
· Best Animation
· Best Documentary
· Best Commercial
· Best Music Video
· Best Editing
· Best Original Music

Rules & Terms

By entering Festival you agree to all festival rules and terms.

· Entries must be in English or - Subtitled, dubbed in English.
· Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.
· All entries should be sent via FilmFreeway. Please don't send discs or any downloadable files to us.
· Works in progress are accepted
· Entries will not be returned
· Entry fees are non-refundable
Festival reserves the right to reject any, regardless of Guaranteed Festival Acceptance and other entry and issue, entry or media which does not conform and comply with all festival rules and terms herein, subjectively and in favor of festival.

Our festival will work diligently to be the most worthwhile celebration of film and media worldwide. We will emulate and standardize to mainstream events that are common and well known.

Filmmaker agrees not to complain and advise others about our festival, descriptions, and policies before contacting our festival by email and waiting for a response from festival staff and communicating with us further to permit our festival to operate and manage accurately.

LSFF only accepts digital submissions at this time and for this year's festival and contests awarding prizes, awards, and distribution.

We show films of any genre: Sci-fi/Fantastic, Horror, Drama, Melodrama, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Action and etc.

Person, persons, company, companies, and others entering media into festival ("you", "entrant" and similar and referred vernacular).

Incomplete media submitted for Distribution must have a strict deadline intended for completion, list of crew and cast, production notes and / or strong scripting, trailer, and movie poster (if any), or any available development.

Prizes and Awards and Distribution entry fees are not refundable.

All portions of LSFF are subject to change, without notice, including Rules & Terms, prizes, awards, distribution, and all other aspects, applicability, and application.

All persons and staff working for, owners, management, coordinators, judges, and others for festival are Independent Volunteers providing not-for-profit work and have no stake in nor income from festival. Volunteers may use fee entries allotted to them to pay costs associated with festival and to continue to be available for volunteering. Festival is only a non involved medium for transaction between filmmaker and venues such as online, theater and film markets not part of nor involved with festival.

Prizes and awards and other of festival are coincidental and merited by filmmakers upon winning.

If we really like your entry and if we have accepted your entry; we may contact you and ask if you would like to be part of our festival jury or be part of other film, filmmaker and other partnering events; but partnering up is not a requirement of our festival.

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    Manfred Lopez

    There seem to be three kinds of festivals out there. The big prestige festivals in cool cities, smaller festivals trying hard to stand out, and borderline scam festivals with cool-sounding names but with nefarious intentions. This festival seems to be somewhere between the last two categories, but maybe trying to veer into the respectability category.

    I applied last year for their first-ever October 2015 edition when it was still free. When I was accepted I started doing my usual research and found out that they accepted 567 other films. I could never find out their total submissions for that year, but I have a feeling that their acceptance rate was anywhere from 50% to 100%. So basically there was no honor or significance in having been accepted. But since it was their first year maybe they were trying to build brand awareness by accepting everyone. Needless to say, communication from the festival post-acceptance was non-existent.

    For their next selection round (may 2016) I noticed two things: That they started charging a submission fee and that consequently the official selections radically shrank to just 27 films (from 567!). So the question now is: What kind of festival they want to be. Remains to be seen.

    May 2016