The London International Student Film Festival screenings in Central London and the associated publicity will provide exposure for new filmmakers’ work. There will also be professional networking and learning opportunities.

The script winner will also be announced during the festival.

The films in competition will be competing for Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Music Video and various Special Awards for excellence e.g. for technical areas as well as script.
The awards are certificates and all selected and awarded filmmakers will benefit from the publicity and kudos.

The script competition winners will be given every chance to have their script made into a short film by filmmaker professionals.

All films must be under 30 minutes and have been shot while the Director is/was still a student. Re-edits of films shot in the past when the makers were students are also accepted. Special dispensation at a higher submission fee can be agreed for films longer than 30 minutes by emailing

Overall Rating
  • Here at Escape Studios in London we were delighted to have our short film "Flame" selected for the London International Student Film Festival. Although Covid-19 stopped the festival from going ahead, we were still pleased to be selected.

    April 2020
  • Dylan Friese-Greene

    Had a lovely evening with the LISFF, my first ever film festival, and really loved the Shoreditch venue. My documentary 'Siân' won Best Documentary which was a happy surprise, and it was well programmed with other quality work. Has a lot of potential

    May 2019
  • Tribambuka (Anastasia Beltyukova)

    Huge thanks to London International Student Film Festival, it was great experience, very inspiring, warm and friendly atmosphere. The selection of works was just stunning, I enjoyed every second - which you don't expect from student films, but here we go! I am really honoured to be a part of it. Thanks for selecting my film, and for the prize! :-)

    April 2019