This year London Experimental will be hosting another unique event; exhibiting experimental film from all over the world in a unique location.

For the first time ever we have introduced a new category; 'BLACK BOX // WHITE CUBE'.
Filmmakers selected in this category will have the opportunity to design their own instillation which will be displayed at our event.

By submitting your film you: endorse our mission, embrace our philosophy, join our community, declare rightful ownership of your work, permit screenings and promotion.

London Experimental is an anti-festival.
Fluid and evolving
Promotes experimental film
Builds community
Exhibits in a variety of alternative spaces
No programming
No competition
No prizes
Free to watch



Style: experimental
Production: post 1 January 2020
Format: digital
Language: English, English subtitles or no dialogue
Length: 10 minutes (maximum)
Entry fee: $21 (non-refundable)


Style: experimental
Production: post 1 January 2020
Format: digital
Language: Any
Length: 15 minutes (maximum)
Entry fee: $41 (non-refundable)

- Submitted films must be supported by a written statement (Max. 500 Words) explaining the Artist’s vision, as well as diagrams appropriate to the work. This must be attached to your FilmFreeway project page via the 'supporting documents' tab.

- Plans should be made based on a generic room size (10ft x 10ft) and made in the knowledge that the official location will be announced post submissions. Plans will have to be modified (with our assistance) to work at the screening location.

- For projects that are more difficult to submit as a standard video (EG. Multiple screens or 360 video) we ask that you work with the constraints creatively to best display your idea and use the supporting documents as a way to further explain the concept.

London Experimental reserves the right to use small portions and stills of accepted films for promotion of the events.

Overall Rating
  • Marcos Mereles

    A great festival! Our film was selected back in 2018. The event took place in a cool venue in Shoreditch in central London, with lots of people in attendance and a wonderful selection of films!

    February 2021
  • Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

    Fine festival. A tricky year with the pandemic. Thanks for supporting avant-garde and experimental filmmaking!

    November 2020
  • Glad to screen for the second time at London Experimental. This year's edition, due tu covid situation, the festival was amazingly made online, with a huge selection of great art/experimental films. Thanks guys for all your efforts to make it happen, London Exp is a brillant festival, best wishes!!

    October 2020
  • Like almost every other film festival in the world, London Experimental has had to make adjustments based on the pandemic. I appreciate the fact that they are working to find innovative ways to present cutting edge experimental films to their audiences, despite the difficulties of the present moment. Communication has been very good - proud to be a part of this effort to keep things positive and keep things going, for the benefit of experimental film fans everywhere!

    May 2020
  • Ned Daly

    Nothing to review. Website still says the 2020 festival is "TBC".

    As of June 5 there is no website or FB page. Who are these people above with the glowing reviews? Looks like they just took the fees and absconded. Hope I am wrong.

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Hello Ned,
    Apologies for the lack of contact. We have closed submissions for 2020 as we are undergoing a few changes.
    All of our 2019 submissions are still going ahead with screenings throughout the year as usual. (post-pandemic)
    In the meantime we are working on an online film festival for the 2019 films to be screened world wide.
    If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to send us an email.