London Experimental’s mission:

To recognise and honour experimental film

To educate the public in experimental film 

To promote experimental film to the commercial world

By submitting your film you: endorse our mission, embrace our philosophy, join our community, declare rightful ownership of your work, permit screenings and promotion.

London Experimental is an experimental anti-festival.
Fluid and evolving
Promotes experimental film
Builds a community spirit
Exhibits in a variety of alternative spaces
No programming
No competition or prizes
Random film selection
Free to watch
Unorthodox promotion

Location (1) 2017
Disused Train Carriage
Pumphouse Museum
10 Access Rd
London E17 8AX
3rd December – 3-7pm

Other Locations TBC

Awards & Prizes


Rules & Terms

Style: experimental
Production: post 1 January 2016
Format: digital
Language: English, English subtitles or no dialogue
Length: 10 minutes (maximum)
Entry fee: $30 (non-refundable)

London Experimental reserves the right to use small portions and stills of accepted films for promotion of the events.

14 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    richard martin

    Thank You! ABCAM / Richard Martin

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Richard

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    John Celona

    Fantastic idea for venues! Underground, experimental and international.
    I am honoured to be included in this year's screenings. Cheers, LEFF.

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks John

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    Benjamin Edelberg

    Fletch and the LEFF team have put together a gem of festival. There should be a rating category for originality; the screenings are held in ad-hoc locations, such as disused tube train. I would really like to attend the festival in the near future. Keep up the great work!

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Benjamin

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    Murray Robinson

    Wasn't able to make it to the festival, but I'm happy to be accepted.It is definitely an unorthodox festival and I hope my film was screened at the event (as they screen them randomly)

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Murray

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    matthew w. stallard

    This is a tiny festival with a very small audience. The idea of showing films in an alternative location is great but I am not sure if the location worked well this year... Programming and selection needs improvement and variety, I would prefer to see different films and different filmmakers instead of seeing 3-4 films from the same filmmaker...
    4 hours of screening is long, there has to be a break to give opportunity to meet other filmmakers and enthusiasts.

    Fletch is a friendly man who is probably full of ideas:) as we all do!
    wishing you all the best:)

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your comments Matthew.
    We run an unorthodox festival that, for sure, can be improved.
    When you want to disrupt the tradition you need to experiment.
    The screening in London (disused train carriage) will be joined by screenings in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam.
    We also promote experimental film and filmmakers on our website and go into educational establishments to highlight the importance of progress over the status quo.
    Loved your film, by the way.