The LEFF London Eco Film Festival November 2023


The world is full of noise, of opinion and utter confusion. At the same time many voices are simply drowned out. These voices belong to marginalised sections of our global society and what they have to say matters greatly for our world- the environment, our nature, our mental well being, our societies, our children.

The LEFF 2023 will give voice to marginalised communities, globally, and allow for conversations, the goal of which will be to develop strategies and concrete actions so as learn from them.

Submissions for our 2023 event are now open! Thank you to everyone who was involved in our virtual 2022 event. We were lucky enough to be joined by some of the world's best filmmakers, raising awareness and facilitating action on the world's current environmental and cultural issues.

The London Eco Film Festival 2023 - LEFF23 - is an inspirational event which aims to bring together all the eco organisations and storytellers from around the world, to celebrate and accelerate solutions for environmental, cultural and humanitarian issues.

This year, our focus at the London Eco Film Festival is to amplify the voices that often go unheard, shedding light on the stories of marginalised communities and individuals.

For this year, we have identified 8 submission categories, and for each of them we are welcoming film and photography submissions presented as a reflection or realisation of life before the pandemic, how things have changed for better or worse as well as how we as people, could change for the better.

We seek to inspire ethical living by elevating awareness of global struggles and triumphs alike. The LEFF aims to educate all citizens of the world, giving them a change to meet likeminded individuals and learn from experts in their fields to take the knowledge back to their own countries, homes and communities. We want to help transform our world into one that is more ethical, more safe and more sustainable for centuries to come. Education truly is the underlying foundation for any kinds of changes. We hope that the festival will foster more collaboration and ignite a public passion towards protecting the environment.

The event will be two staged. EarthWeek Islas Canarias 22-29April 2024 ; London November 2024

The LEFF 2023 will give voice to marginalised communities, globally, and allow for conversations, the goal of which will be to develop strategies and concrete actions so as learn from them.


Indigenous Peoples
The Young
The Disabled
The Marginalised
Mentally Ill
1/3rd age

These voices are important. We should all listen, and learn.

Submissions are all viewed in full, and are carefully reviewed by a panel of judges according to the following criteria:
- Quality of narrative
- Quality of sound
- Quality of cinematography
- Production value
- Independent nature of production

Prizes are awarded to the best film per category per film type. With 8 categories and 3 film types, prospective filmmakers are able to attain one of 30 exciting prizes including various film and photography equipment. Additionally, each successful participant will receive a trophy and an official certificate of excellence from the committee of the London Eco Film Festival.

The top 3 contestants will also have a chance of going abroad and becoming part of a team assisting in the creation and direction of documentaries of a few categories. (Expenses paid for, and accommodation provided), each of the lucky 3 will be working in the field and taking part in an unforgettable experience, delivering never-before-seen stories and images to audiences from across the globe!

The festival accepts submissions categorized into 3 separate film types, differentiated by length, as described below. Each of the film types involve varying degrees of preparation and direction in order to produce an unforgettable viewing experience for audiences from around the world.

1. Reels (1-5min.)
A film does not have to be long in order to have a clear, relevant and complex narrative that is able to engage with the audience and convey meaningful information. Submissions are open to “reels”, giving prospective video makers a chance to demonstrate their abilities of creating a short video, the contents and production of which may rival a full-length feature film. We expect reel content to be attention grabbing, leave you wanting more and inspired.

2. Short film (5-20min.)
For the purposes of our event we have defined a short film with a running time between 5 and 20 minutes including all credits. Short films are a great opportunity to showcase talent while expressing your creative ideas on a topic within a relatively short time, meaning it requires an effective message. Often a prequel to a feature film, a typical first stage for new filmmakers, or for experienced ones as an alternative form of expression.

3. Feature Film (20-90min)
From an episode of a TV series to a full-length feature film, this film type lets prospective video makers take a deeper dive into the world of cinema, giving them a chance to write, produce and direct a potential blockbuster that will change the way the audience views a certain topic. Let your inner Spielberg blossom on the big screen!