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The London Eco Film Festival 2020 - LEFF20 - is an inspirational event which aims to bring together all the eco organisations and storytellers from around the world, to celebrate and accelerate solutions for the environment.

It's a jam packed programme over two days filled with unforgettable experiences; including eco films, insightful panel discussions, activities and workshops for all ages! Please come along, experience delicious food, listen to traditional music and mesmerising dance routines from around the world, visit stalls filled with artisanal produce and enjoy the atmosphere of an incredible venue filled with like minded people.

We hope to use the festival to foster more collaboration and ignite a public passion towards protecting the environment! And guess what? It is (and always will be) free and open to the public. Students, families and children are all welcome!

The LEFF20 Awards will be for the best films in the following categories:

Narrative Feature
Documentary Feature
Narrative Short
Documentary Short
Animation Short
Best Under 18-Short

The Festival accepts feature films (over 45 min) and short films (under 45 min) in line with the theme of LEFF20. Projects of all lengths and within the genre of "The People of Conservation" are welcome. LEFF20 is committed to showing the boldest and most innovative work that challenges the boundaries of filmmaking.