Loft and Loaded is a monthly event taking place in Hereford England, dedicated to the showing of weird, horrific, crazy double bills!
The concept is simple, at the end of each month, at the heart of glorious Hereford, The Loft Cinema will be showing a double bill of unknown crazy flicks, in the comfort of the Loft's super comfy sofas.

If you want to come and present your film? EVEN BETTER. That's what we want!
Give you an example, this month, we are showing The Snarling and a completely unseen version of The Howling III. The Snarling will be presented by its director Pablo Raybould and its main actor Ben Manning, while the Howling III will be presented by Specialist Brin Hammond author of the complete history of The Howling!

Those guys will be selling their goodies and signing their work... and it could be you doing so next month!

Teaser of Volume 1:

No prize, no award, just the pleasure of presenting your films to a crazy audience AND a percentage of the box office of course!
Loft and Loaded is a monthly event for film lovers and filmmakers organised by filmmakers!
As such we understand the need to get something for your efforts and we will be offering a percentage of the box office and you get to keep all the profit of anything you may sell!

We accept films from anywhere, provided they are GOOD and with ENGLISH SUBTITLES at least. Other than that, knock yourselves out, we wanna see your crazy projects and show them to an even crazier audience!

So get submitting!