We are back!

This is Loft and Loaded season 2! After the succes of our first run we are back for more.
Last season we went for six volume of Loft and Loaded and gave awards to short films as well as showing an array of indy genre films in the wonderful venue of The Loft in Hereford!

Amongst other Things, we showed The Snarling, Little Monster, Cleaver(s) Killer Clowns, all those films were double billed with a similarly themed classic film!

This season, we use Halloween as an excuse to relaunch bigger and better, with a showing of Carinval of Souls and The Fog! There are a few differences this season:

1. The event is now bi monthly, it means more time for preparation and advertising and therefore it means bigger things!

2. We have to start charging entry fees! Rest assured your money is going towards paying the venue and making sure your film is shown in the best possible conditions!


Last season the volume of films submitted was simply huge, I don't mind of course but PLEASE this is a genre festival, we are interested in the bizarre, the horror, the sci fi, the weird, and while of course we are interested in all forms of cinema THIS EVENT is GENRE based, meaning while we love it usually, please no intimate dramas or documentaries about local farmers (nothing wrong with these, it's just not for this event).
If your film doesn't fit any genre but is super weird however... please do send!

We are interested in features and short equally and we will show your films in our bi monthly event coupled with a classic horror!

Our last session of the season will be dedicated to the showing the best shorts of the season and we will be giving awards in that occasion!

Last season we had a jury composed of writers and directors with years of experience in the industry (most notably Keith Temple of Dr Who fame).

We accept films from anywhere, provided they are GOOD and with ENGLISH SUBTITLES at least. Other than that, knock yourselves out, we wanna see your crazy projects and show them to an even crazier audience!

So get submitting!