Lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, and self isolation have made it difficult for filmmakers to work, but we know you're a determined lot. Using only what's available to you in your current lockdown situation Exploding Tarantula Productions is encouraging resourceful filmmakers to produce their most terrifying horror film.
The festival will stream for 30 days on our various online outlets.

Most Terrifying
Most Original
Best Young FIlmmaker
Audience Favourite

1. Film must be produced between 24 March, 2020 and 1 May, 2020.
2. Film must be in English or subtitled in English
3. All selections will stream until 30 June, 2020 online through Exploding Tarantula Productions online outlets including but not limited to YouTube channels, www.explodingtarantula.com, instagram, facebook, etc.
4. Submitter must have full rights and licenses to all elements of the film including music.
5. Festival director's decisions are final
6. This is a genre specific film festival featuring exclusive horror films.
7. All films must be produced safely and adhering to laws, policies, and best practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.
8. Films must not exceed 15 minutes including end credits.
9. Young Filmmakers are under 18 years old at the time of submission and projects should be completed with little assistance from an adult.
10. Young Filmmakers must have permission from a parent or guardian prior to participation.
11. Submitter acknowledges that if selected submission will be made available online through June 30, 2020.
12. Screener links are acceptable for judging but a digital file must be provided if submission is selected.