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Lo Ciento

After a workplace accident disables an immigrant mother-to-be, she cannot go another paycheck where she watches her husband drink it away.

  • Danny Acosta
  • Danny Acosta
    Green Rush (2020)
  • Danny Acosta
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    Short Script
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    United States
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    English, Spanish
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Writer Biography - Danny Acosta

Danny Acosta is a Chicano writer & filmmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area’s Mission District.

He co-wrote the true crime film thriller Green Rush (2020 via Lionsgate) with Paul Telfer and is currently directing a documentary feature. He was in the honorary class of the #ReadLatinxWriters initiative on Twitter.

Prior to venturing into movies, Acosta wrote for national publications for over a decade, produced millions of YouTube hits via viral videos and interviews, and hosted international radio shows.

Acosta continues to create across mediums, live for the arts, and cultural solidarity.

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Writer Statement

In immigrant neighborhoods, cultures of silence can be a matter of survival, but also in the worst times, a bedrock for isolation, intimidation, and intimate violence. Mixed status life for the undocumented complicates basic necessities, leaving people vulnerable to predatory people, and relationships. My film Lo Ciento deals with how a romantic curiosity can become a practical demand, and that demand can devolve into control, degradation, and danger. So where does someone with no options go to escape domestic abuse? How can they survive when their pain is demeaned and they suffer in plain sight?

Just as it is a leap of faith to be vulnerable to love, or pursue life in an unknown land, there is bravery and strength in the imagination it takes to commit to such changes; however, deflectors can attempt to stifle or stop that imagination. No matter how bad a situation can be, dreamers always dream, and deserve to be in nurturing, respectful environments. This an ode to those longing to escape, to be truly loved by others because they already selflessly love themselves, and an urgent recognition that we cannot tolerate the vulnerable among us being subjected to dehumanizing behavior.