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Living without a country, the rohingya exile

The aim of the documentary “Living without a country, the Rohingya's exile”, is to show the current situation, as well as the origins of the conflict towards the Rohingya community in Bangladesh. The actions of the Burmese army, stated as “genocide” by the United Nations, has caused one of the biggest migrations of the world, fleeing from violence in the Burmese state of Arakan, nowadays Rakhine.
Massive killings, rapes, and crimes against humankind are continuous from the '70s against the Rohingya people, reaching its peak in August 2017. The military operations towards the Rohingya community, considered as “illegal migrants”, have portrayed the genocide of the new century.
The script of the documentary “Living without a country, the Rohingya's exile” addresses these issues with the testimonials of Nurul Islam, president of Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) and Razia Sultana, president of Rohingya Women Welfare Society (RWWS).
Humanitarian issues, as child education, health would be held by UNICEF´s education specialist Mouri Chowdhuri and chief doctor Musfiq bin Amin from the UN´s International Organization of Migration (IOM).
Testimonials of the refugees, essential in a story about Rohingya people, show widely the terrible experiences suffered up to their coming into the refugee camps.
Elders, children, teens, and women put a face to horror in this documentary.
“Living without a country, the Rohingya's exile” pretends to diffuse widely the problematic situation of the Rohingya people in national and international media channels. The goal of the work is a major exposure of the conflict that permits knowledge about Burmese genocide in XXI century.

  • Alberto Martos Corral
  • Pablo Alcántara Manzanares
  • Luna María Alcántara Carvajal
    Director of photography
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Living without a country, the rohingya´s exile
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  • Language:
    Bengali, English
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Producer and director of different topics about asian society.
To highlight:
"The Colour of the Soul", (OLYMPUSAT,SPI), documentary about caste system in India.
"The faces of Kashi" (TV3, Mediapro)
"The legacy of Birendra" (EDUQUAL Foundation)

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"Living without a country, the rohingya´s exile" is the resulting research of the social systems in Southeast Asia, and the way human rights and freedom are evolving in the region .
In the case of rohingya, the facts that moved us to develop a documentary were: the atrocities committed against them in Myanmar, their actual situation in the refugee camps of Bangladesh, and the disregard of the international community.