Our forte is horror as we are purveyors of the fantastique
Little Spark Films (LSF) is a crew that took nearly 8 years to pull together. That originally began with a one-week turnaround short film which was made simply just for the hell of it. That short film didn’t win any awards. But it was written, planned, shot, edited and submitted on the deadline and got accepted! I’m still pretty proud of that. From there the LSF team honed its own form of procedure of “punk filmmaking”. Over the years we have worked on a wide variety of sets for major productions and helmed shoots for local business and independent musicians in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.
We have had the honor of working with some of the most talented and interesting people in the industry! From taking part in season 2 of The Last Drive-in With Joe Bob Briggs to directing features with Lloyd Kaufman, Kevin Gage, Isaiah Washington, Lou Temple and Fangoria legend Kerry O’Quinn!
Most recently LSF produced a short film written by horror novelist Paul Kane. A dramatic interrogation filled with nightmares and trauma. The Torturer is Little Spark Films’ most revered project to date. Starring Texas thespians Paul T. Taylor & Lawrence Varnado. The picture is beautifully shot in 6k by director of photography, Jörg Viktor Steins-Lauß and directed by Joe Manco.
“The ambiguous nature of the story is the fuel for the cinematic, wildfire. As soon as we are drawn into the passionate queries of the Torturer, we are smashed in the face with some of the best, lower-budget torture effects I’ve seen. Far from being “torture-porn” the violence takes you right to the edge of unbearably gruesome, only to let you breathe for a bit, before the next round. This is the kind of ebb and flow that genre films have lacked for far too long.”
-Robert Rippeth Jr.
Demons of Celluloid
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Jack E. Singley Academy of Irving ISD
Media Technology & Communications
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July 31, 1985
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Dallas, TX.
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Arlington, TX.
Irving, TX.
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Catalina Querida
Our forte is horror as we are purveyors of the fantastique