The Festival is held by the Administration of the Gatchina Municipal District of the Leningrad Region and is aimed at professional experience exchange between Russian and foreign filmmakers. The Festival is dedicated to films based on literary sources. The Festival programme also includes feature and documentary films about writers. The Festival is committed to an educational and aesthetic mission and to making a positive contribution to the development of intercultural dialogue.

Over the years, the jury of the Festival was headed by famous masters, including Daniil Granin (for a long time he was the president of the Festival), Rustam Khamdamov, Jerzy Hoffman, Krzysztof Zanussi and many other cinema and literature experts from different countries.
Every year the Festival receives about 500 applications from authors from all over the world. In addition to the competition, the Festival programme includes special screenings, meetings with filmmakers and writers, and other events. More than 6,000 spectators visit the Festival screenings every year.

1. Best Film of the Festival – Garnet Bracelet Grand Prix*
2. Best Feature Film / Non-Fiction Film
3. Best Screenplay
4. Andrey Petrov Prize for the Best Soundtrack
5. Andrei Moskvin Prize for Best Cinematography
6. Best Short Feature Film
7. Best Short Non-Fiction Film
8. Best Animated Short Film
9. Prize of the Board of Trustees named after Henrietta Yagibekova
10. Diploma of the reader's jury.
*In the case of the Grand Prix "Garnet Bracelet" is awarded, the prize for the best feature / non-fiction film is not awarded to a film of the same genre. For example, if the Grand Prix is awarded to a feature film, the prize for the best feature film is not awarded.

Festival has no money prizes but honorable mentions, and diplomas.

To participate in the festival are accepted fiction and animated film adaptations and films created based on literary and dramatic works, as well as non-fiction and fiction films created about life and work of writers, poets, directors, actors, artists. The festival also accepts feature, documentary, animated short films created during 2020-2022.

The festival program includes:
1. main competition: full-length (from 52 to 120 minutes long) feature and documentary films. The program includes at least 8 films;
2. competition of short feature, documentary and animation films (up to 52 minutes long). The program includes at least 10 films;
3. non-competitive programs;
4. special screenings.

All applications are to submit with no charge.

Competition programmes are evaluated by a jury working in expert mode. The jury of the festival is formed from Russian and foreign professionals in the field of cinema and literature by the Organizing Committee of the festival. It may include writers, directors, actors, cameramen, composers, film critics, film critics, film producers, literary critics.

The composition of the main competition includes at least 5 (five) experts, the composition of the short films competition - at least 3 (three) experts.
The jury cannot include persons associated with the production and distribution of films participating in competitive programs.