Literally Short is an event initiated by our drive to bridge all cultures onto one collaborative stage that stimulates international artistic expression. Our mission is to promote innovative approaches to social change through the arts and cultural influences. Our passion for film lies in its exquisite capacity to merge a multitude of arts into one vision; thus, Literally Short Film Festival seeks to dissolve all geographical boundaries into one platform that equally voices all cultures.


National & International Short Films

All genres accepted for this category (see Rules & Terms).

Local & Fresh
Texas Short Films

Films eligible for this category must be written or directed by a Texas resident; or produced in the state of Texas. All genres accepted (see Rules & Terms).

México Lindo y Querido
Mexico Short Films

Films eligible for this category must be written or directed by a Mexicna resident; or produced in the country of Mexico. All genres accepted (see Rules & Terms).

Literally Israeli
Israeli Short Films

In collaboration with the Consulate General of Israel in Houston, this category includes films written or directed by an Israeli filmmaker; or produced in the country of Israel. All genres accepted (see Rules & Terms).

Awards & Prizes

Grand Jury Prize:

(Filmmaker or representative must be in attendance to receive prize.)

Best Picture:


Award of Excellence:


Best of International Voices

Best of Local & Fresh

Best of Mexico Shorts

Best of Animations Corner

**(Bank transfer costs NOT included)**

Rules & Terms

Films may not be publicly available online prior to submission, and winning films may not be made publicly available online until after the festival.

All categories are competitive.

All genres are accepted. Foreign language films must be subtitled in English.

Films must have been completed after January 1, 2017.

Maximum film duration: 25:00 minutes (including credits).

Filmmakers must be at least 18 years old to enter.

Winner (or representative) of Grand Jury Prize must be in attendance to receive prize. Funding of the top three prizes will only be available if the filmmaker acknowledges and responds to the prize package before the first day of the festival.

By submitting a film to the Literary Short Film Festival (LSFF), filmmaker grants permission to the LSFF to screen the film, in whole or in part, for any or all promotions, compilations, screenings, and at any events sponsored or co-sponsored by Literal Magazine including but not limited to the film festival. Accepted films may not screen online prior to the film festival once they have been submitted. The filmmaker submitting the film hereby warrants that he/she/it is over the age of 18, and is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. Filmmaker agrees that all rights and permissions for any materials contained within said entry, including all music rights, photographs, film clips, voice recordings, have been granted, and Filmmaker will indemnify and hold LSFF harmless from any or all disputes and claims that may arise from these rights and permissions granted.

8 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Alberto Govela

    The best part of the Literally short film festival is the films. You can tell from the selection that the curatorial team love film and take their job to heart. The festival experience as a spectator is great. Great selection of films in a great venue. As a filmmaker is top notch. Usually, the jury is comprised of filmmakers and film programmers of renowned festivals in Mexico and US. There are some networking and PR opportunities arranged by the festival with US and Mexican magazines, tv networks, etc.. and the hospitality by the organizers is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes one of the top short film festivals in the U.S. in the near future.

    July 2017
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    Pia Andell

    Literally Short Film Festival is a young, well curated, fairly small and immensely friendly festival, where guests are really taken good care of and things are well thought of. Fairly big prizes for the winners, too. A really good experience, I must say.

    June 2017
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    Patrick Smith

    Great festival experience. I would recommend getting to this festival before it becomes HUGE. Loris is a visionary festival director, who focus's on the films and filmmakers, taking the whole event to heart. See you there next year!

    June 2017
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    Danna Frank

    I was exetremely moved by the level of communication given by the entire staff, would love to participate again in the future

    June 2017
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    Rob Neilson

    We were lucky enough to have LITERALLY SHORT program our film TENDER MOMENTS into their Texas Local & Fresh Program. The festival was notch films, and the staff was responsive to our questions and planned after party events for all of the filmmakers present.

    Often when you play in a festival you're worried that you're going to show up to an empty room, with your film being projected onto a bed sheet. NOT SO with LITERALLY SHORT, their venue has ample seating and is a fantastic place to watch a film.

    This is a small festival that should grow exponentially due to the quality of the films that they program, and their fantastic hospitality to the filmmakers. This festival is truly a hidden gem that you should submit your films to on an annual basis!

    June 2017