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ANDREW is visited by his son and grandson, who bring a package to his nursing home. Andrew opens the box to find a sailboat model and a note. Andrew asks them to bring him to Bull Run, a road that leads to a patch of woods to look for “her.”

We FLASHBACK sixty years prior and are introduced to SUSAN, a few years older, and the love of his life. Susan loves Andrew too. It is the beginning of summer. Andrew dares Susan to ride her bike down Bull Run hill. She hits the curb at the bottom of the hill, crashes into the woods and she dies.

The relationship between Andrew’s family and Susan’s family deteriorates. Andrew, and Susan’s brother JASON, who spent time repairing Jason’s sailboat, are now enemies. Jason sets his sailboat on fire. Jason chases Andrew into the Bull Run woods. While hiding, Andrew hears Susan’s voice. Her spirit is connected to her bike. Over the days that follow they go on rides together and talk about their families, Andrew’s grief, and Susan’s existence as “nothing”.

Susan’s father has a breakdown and is hospitalized. Andrew sneaks into the hospital to talk to him. Her father reveals that when he was a child, he stole a jar of money off a teacher’s desk and buried the money.

Andrew breaks into school to steal a metal detector. The police arrive at the school, Andrew escapes and finds the money. Andrew convinces his mom to bring the money to Susan’s dad. Susan’s dad returns home.

Andrew and Susan go for a bike ride and stop underneath the town water tower. Andrew promises Susan that if he ever climbs it, he will spray paint her name on it.

Susan reveals that it is harder for her to hear Andrew. Susan devises a plan to go to “The Light”, the location of a fatal motorcycle accident where a ghost is rumored to linger. Susan persuades him to take her there. They encounter The Light, and Susan’s spirit vanishes.

We return to present day. Andrew climbs the water tower, paints “Susan and Andrew were here”. Susan appears beside him. Andrew and Susan go to The Light. Andrew rides into it, and he vanishes.

  • Andy Carpenter
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Writer - Andy Carpenter