Linea d’Ombra Festival is an international film and audiovisual festival conceived and promoted by the SalernoInFestival Association, supported by the Ministery of Cultural Heritage, the Campania Region and the Municipality of Salerno, implemented with the contribution of public and/or private entities, associations, foundations and sponsors. The Festival adheres to AFIC (Association of Italian Film Festivals) and to CFCC (Coordination of the Campania Region Film Festivals).

The twenty-seventh edition takes place in Salerno from 22 to 29 October 2022.

Linea d'Ombra Festival is an event that aims to raise awareness and to promote the best international cinematographic and audiovisual productions, to relate the different forms of youth creativity and to promote their knowledge among the public, to develop projects that have an effective educational impact and productivity, to encourage the realization of collective works of young artists coming from different experiences, finally to enhance the cultural potential of the Campania Region on a national and international level.

Feature films in digital format produced in Europe in the two-year period 2021/2022 are admitted to the competition. The number of works admitted to the section in competition will be defined by the artistic direction and may vary according to the needs of planning and design coherence, in any case not less than five.

The Linea d’Ombra Festival award for the best film in the Passaggi d’Europa section, worth € 3000, will be awarded by the Jury of Experts. The Popular Jury (registered and present in the room) and the LdoSocial jury (registered online) will award the Linea d’Ombra Festival Award Plate for best film in the Passaggi d’Europa section. The votes of the Popular Jury are worth three times those of the LdOSocial jury. The Artistic Direction, having consulted the Expert Jury, will be able to attribute special mentions to those films that have shown particular technical and creative qualities.

a. The submission of the films can take place:
- through the online registration platform:

b. Registration requires a fee of € 5 to be paid together with the registration on the platform.

c. The deadline for registering for the pre-selection is 1 September 2022 at 23:59; UTC +1;

d. The registration of the work in the competition implies full acceptance of these regulations. For any controversy, the Italian text prevails. For anything not covered by this regulation, the organization of the festival reserves the final decision.

e. Accepting these regulations Linea d'Ombra Festival is authorized to use the selected films for the competition in the Passaggi d’Europa category. The organization of the festival will ask the entitled to authorize the presentation of the work in competition in other activities directly organized or sponsored by the Festival itself, even outside the dates of the review.

6. Admission to the competition
The artistic direction will communicate the official registration in the competition of the pre-selection films by 10 September 2022. Upon receipt of this communication, the following materials must be sent with absolute priority, via e-mail or via file transfer service, to :

- projection file in .mp4 format (Codec h264) with a size not exceeding 2 GB;
- .srt file of subtitles in Italian, if available or .srt file in English;
- synopsis (.doc, .rtf or .pdf format);
- director's bio-filmography (.doc, .rtf or .pdf format);
- photos of the film and the director;
- technical sheet of the film (.doc, .rtf or .pdf format).

Screenings and Program
The program of the festival and the screening schedule are decided by the artistic direction and by the heads of the various sections. The films are presented in the theater and online, in their original language with Italian subtitles. The festival will publish a general catalog, in Italian and English, on the official website which will include all the works presented in competition and out of competition.

Coronavirus Emergency
The organization of the event reserves the right to change the dates and methods of carrying out the festival in compliance with any provisions of local or national authorities due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Festival ONLINE
Part or all of the events and films of the Linea d’Ombra Festival will be presented online. In the latter case all the authors, producers and distributors involved in the festival may/must authorize the online presentation of their works, indicating any territories to be excluded, without prejudice to the protection of property and copyright.