The distribution department at Lift-Off Global Network is looking to release, represent and distribute web-series content to global audiences worldwide.

The Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network based at Pinewood Film Studios aims to give fair and sustainable revenue for the independent work we love. This is a very different selection process to that of our main festivals.

Awards & Prizes

If we feel your work is at the required standard we will...

❀ Establish the best-suited platform for your film.
❀ Agree with you and your team a fair distribution deal where you hold the power.
❀ Activate your film listing on the best-suited platform(s).
❀ Market your compilation listing and build an extended marketing plan.
❀ Give you an exclusive screening at any Lift-Off Film Festival Cities in 2017.

Rules & Terms

Lift-Off Global Network promises FULL TRANSPARENCY...
A distribution contract will be agreed by all parties prior to the content going live. This may take several weeks to negotiate and it is advised that filmmakers entering negotiation have our contact looked over by a legal professional. A list of deliverables will be sent to the production team and this is to be completed before distribution sales can be made.

At all times Lift-Off Global Network will be working with the filmmaker team direct in order to establish the best possible route to market, no fees, no hidden marketing expenses will be taken until deals are met and agreed. We are on your side from the very beginning.