The sales agency arm of the Lift-Off Distribution Global Network is on the hunt for sellable content. Content we can represent at the major film markets with a look to gain revenue through distribution for our filmmakers.

This includes shorts, features, concepts and screenplays. From pre-production funding all the way through to theatrical/online/BR/DVD/inflight release.

Genre-Based - Live Action Narratives
Art House Live Action Narratives, with clear market potential
Works in progress

Our core target channels include...

Home Ent. (DVD, BR)
In Flight
Global Festivals

A big success last year was our securing of full VOD deals from Amazon and iTunes for Matthew T. Burns Documentary 'The Trade'.
Watch it here:

Lift-Off Distribution Global Network is an initiative created by the Lift-Off Global Network based at Pinewood Studios. We are a filmmakers network comprising of productions, film festival showcasing events and a distribution sales agency.

Lift-Off exists to support the independent filmmaker. Lift-Off Distribution's aim is to give fair and sustainable revenue for the independent film work we champion. This is a very different selection process to that of our main Lift-Off Film Festivals - this is a commercial aspect that centres on the acquisition and sale of all type of content.

Multiple submission categories, be sure you pick the best one for your project...

We are looking for work that might not necessarily be festival friendly. Our selections can be made at any stage of the films project, from one-page conceptions, scripts, films that are still in post-production, over to content that has already had a festival run. If you are looking for a sales agent to find you distribution then Lift-Off could be the answer.

How Distribution Works...

There is commonly around 5 or 6 layers for distribution, with the 'public domain release' at one end and the 'filmmakers and producers' at the other.

A distribution contract with Lift-Off will be a fair agreement where your work will be taken to market through those layers mentioned. We will offer, where applicable, a global distribution agreement, taking a commission from all deals we achieve recouping on a capped marketing sum then a fixed percentage thereafter. We will aim to get your work sold in as many territories as possible supplying translation services, adding additional marketing and working with your projects social media presence to get your work ready for sale.

The type of work we want...

The market is always in a constant flux but primarily we would look at unreleased narrative or documentary feature based content. These films must have supporting marketing materials that include a film poster, press release content and the film project details.

The main theatrical distributors and the big VOD platforms like Netflix and Amazon require strict technical specifications, but other avenues don't. We consider all channels for the work we represent but in some cases certain positioning is impossible.

If we want your work on our slate, it will be based on what the market is telling us. We will inform you of the likely scenarios, managing your expectations and ensuring that we are all on the right page prior to offering a contract.

If we feel your work is at the required standard we will...

❀ Agree with you a fair distribution deal
❀ Establish the best-suited platform(s) for your film and attempt to sell your work there
❀ Market your project and build an extended marketing & PR plan
❀ Screen the project, where and when applicable, at any Lift-Off Film Festival in 2017/18, and promotion to our partners.

Please look carefully at the categories we have created, and apply your work to the right one accordingly. Films that have been missed-categorised will not be considered.

Ensure that all materials, sounds, music, and authorization from external Intellectual Property which features in the Content has the expressed Intellectual Property owner's consent, and any agreements are in full effect for all particulars featured in the Content - and that they are written on file, and last for the full duration of the potential agreement.

Any breaches of copyright within the Content Creator’s Content is the legal responsibility of the Content Creator. If a complaint is made regarding copyright, the Content associated is immediately removed from sale and all parties will be notified as soon as practicable.