This guy graduated 10 years ago
He got no job
Now he is scamming online
And getting paid
He don't rob
Came home with a first class
But it's getting him no bucks
Wetin man go do
Put on VPN and bomb
Cashing out on a regular
He ain't got no boss
Of course he don't de baff soap
'Cause when him no de baff him no chop
Everyone's disappointed cuh now he's taking puffs
His mumsy's in tears on her knees
Crying out to God
While he's planning on sacrificing her to the gods
He ain't in a relationship cuh he don't want no love
This boy is depressed as fuck
Even though all him maga dey drop
Last-last dem don catch the boy
But this trend still no go stop
If to say this boy get degree
Come dey work with am
Shey him go dey scam?
Graduate no dey see money for this side
Make we no dey package am
You wey dey watch this thing
If hustle no pay how you wan take manage am?
Broke boy no fi talk again
For internet 'cause dem go savage am

  • Abbey Tumusiime
  • Abbey Tumusiime
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  • Project Type:
    Student, Song, Lyrics Only
  • Length:
    1 minute 1 second
  • Completion Date:
    August 8, 2022
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  • Student Project:
    Yes - Uganda Christian University
Artist Biography

Abbey Tumusiime is a Ugandan Actor, Web Developer and Musical Artist. He is multi-award winning creative with various appearances on TV shows, films, one which he's mostly known for - GUYS by USFA. He started his acting career at the age of twelve; where he did this with his Mom in a short comedy web-series titled "Caught." It was after this that he publicised his Dance career as well at the launch of "TRilz Choreography" YouTube channel, present day "Abbey Tumusiime." His concentration in Dance grew stronger and stronger with time till the time he got a copyright strike on his YouTube channel which also pushed him back to the roots - "Acting" Abbey Tumusiime refers to himself as struggling Ugandan content creator.

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