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In the summer of 2020, Kae (29), who is about to turn 30, suddenly finds herself the target of a company restructuring. She feels betrayed by the company, jealous of her coworkers who were not included in the restructuring, and overflowing with anger and sadness that she has never felt before, she becomes desperate in her desperate situation. She was unable to get out of bed, and her loneliness caused her to withdraw for more than a year, withdrawing from her family, friends, and lover. Keita, Kae's boyfriend, is worried about Kae, who has changed drastically from the way she used to be, and Keita himself is depressed by the emptiness and frustration of not knowing what he can do for her. One day, Keita takes the liberty of inviting Kae to an izakaya (Japanese pub), where she eats "Neapolitan" and meets the regular customers.

2020年の夏、30歳を目前としていた香恵(29)は、突然会社のリストラの対象となってしまう。「なんで、わたしが...あんなに頑張ってきたのに...」 会社から裏切られた気持ち、リストラの対象にならなかった同僚に対しての嫉妬心、今まで感じてこなかった怒りと悲しみの感情が溢れ出て絶望的な状況に自暴自棄になってしまう。その後もベッドから起き上がることが出来ず、孤独感から一年以上、引きこもるようになり、家族、友人、恋人から遠のくように、生きがいを無くし、いっそのこと消えてしまいたいと自殺願望までも抱いていた。5年間交際している香恵の恋人の圭太は、以前とは一変してしまった香恵を心配し、彼女に何ができるのか分からなくなっている虚しさと悔しさで圭太自身も憂鬱になっていた。そんなある日、圭太が思い切って、香恵を居酒屋に誘い、そこで食べた『ナポリタン』と常連客との出会いで、誰に対しても心を閉ざし、自分の世界に閉 じこもってきた香恵の心のなかで変化が起き始める...

  • Noriko Tokeshi
  • Noriko Tokeshi
  • Shoko Yoshii
    Key Cast
  • Hiroyuki Ono
    Key Cast
  • Woderu Ibaraki
    Key Cast
  • Taiji Haramoto
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    溢れ出す この感情を
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    26 minutes 14 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 31, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    400,000 JPY
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Noriko Tokeshi

After working for a video production company for about 4 years, I am now working as a freelance designer and video producer under the name "UNLABELING". This will be my first film as a director.


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Director Statement

I myself have been suffering from depression and anxiety for more than five years, and movies have saved my life many times during difficult times. I wanted to make a film about my experiences someday, but I was so busy with work that I couldn't start making it. Looking back on my own experience, I was overwhelmed with the desire to tell my story, and wrote the script while crying every night.

Two years have passed since the start of Corona, and even now, many people are still suffering from the effects of Corona. However, many people are still suffering from the effects of the corona, and there are people who were suffering even before the corona occurred. I think it is not easy for people who have put all their energy into a single goal, a job, etc., to get back up when their path is suddenly cut off. And it takes a lot of time and energy to move forward with a sense of intense loneliness. There are many people who want to disappear because of the loss of something important, loss of self-worth, or self-denial. It is really hard to get up when your life has changed and you are sitting down. It is not easy to say, "Hang in there," "Look forward," or "I'm rooting for you.

Through this film, I would like to convey the importance of interacting with others, and that it is okay to let out the emotions that come out of you, and not to keep them inside, no matter how hard it is to get back up.


コロナが始まってからの二年、今もなお、コロナの影響で多くの方々が苦境にあります。そして、コロナが起きる前から苦しんでいた方達がいます。 何か一つの目標、仕事などに全力を注いできた人が、突然自分のその道を断たれてしまった ら、簡単には立ち上がることは出来ないと思います。 そして、激しい孤独感で前に進んでいこうとするまでには、とても時間も気力もいることです。 大事なものを失い、自分の価値が分からなくなったり、自己否定から消えてしまいたいと思う 人も多くいます。今までの生活が一変し、座り込んでしまうと、立ち上がるのは本当に難しい。簡単に「頑張れ」「前を向け」「応援している」そういう言葉を軽々しくかけることはできないです。

どんな原因でも辛い時、大事にしてきたもの、やりがいをもっていたものを突然失ってしまった時、どんなに立ち上がる 事ができなくても、人と触れ合うことの大切さや、自分の中から溢れ出てくる感情を自分の中でため込まず、感情は 吐き出していいのだと言うことを本作品を通し、伝えていきたいと思っています。