To introduce ourselves, here is the platform :

If you have any doubt if your work might fit or not the kind of programmation we chose, be sure to check it out.

To tell us a little about the project :
We started Les Mains Gauches as a physical festival project in 2020 in Marseille, France. The main goal for us was to give short movies with queer-feminist perspectives more visibility and share the kind of works we love and support.

However, as physical festival can only welcome a few movies, we realized that we wanted to be able to share more movies and this all year long. That is why we have decided to create an online platform that will be like an "all year long festival" and a video library of queer-feminist projects where we can share the movies we love and create a community.

When you submit a movie, you will be notified about two month after if we decide to program the movie on the platform.

Please, note that if you already submitted your movie to our physical event, you can still submit it here and if your film is selected to one our both, we will organize so that the dates are the most convenient for you and your movie :)

We are looking forward to watch your movies.

Non competitive.

Please, send us your film with English or French subtitles.

Your movie will be available for one month on the platform (unless it is a special program and it might be longer).