"Les Irrécupérables" reflects the will to question capacity of video art to deceive reallity and to distort its meaning poetically.

2017 "Conquering all possible : the sharing of the public space"
2018 "How to (re)make society ?"

LES IRRÉCUPÉRABLES 2017 will take place on November 16th &30th and December 7th, 2017 at La Gare Expérimentale.
LES IRRÉCUPÉRABLES 2018 will take place on the 21th of September, 2018 at La Péniche Cinéma.

Registration and participation at Les irrécupérables 2017 implie the acceptance of the regulation.
Registration and participation are free. The selection is not competitive.
Registration has to be done on the online form on artvideolab.wordpress.com website mentioning Vimeo, YouTube or Wetransfer links.
Deadline for full registration is the 31th of october 2017.
Alls artistic work genres are accepted (video art, documentary, essay, experimental, video dance, video performance, fiction, clip, animation…). Reports, promotional or institutional films are not accepted.
Duration between 2 and 59 minutes is accepted. Duration less than 15 minutes is welcome.
Films have to be produced after 1st january 2012.
Films in foreign languages have to be subtitled in french or in english.
Participating authors-directors recognize to possess all the rights of the submitted movies and give for free the broadcasting rights of the movies for the programmings Les irrécupérables 2017 in november at Gare XP and eventually for a international tour of the 2017 edition or a retrospective of the Irrécupérables cycle.
Annoncement of the selection will be online on artvideolab website from the 1st of november 2017.
For the selected movies, files shall be send by Wetransfer in .mov or .mp4 (1280x720min) at the latest on the 5th of november 2017.
Selected autors-directors authorize the organizators to use supplied photos, synopsis and teaser for the communication and promotion of the event via the internet or other media.

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