Legally Blonde

“The first time I saw the movie I was 12 and that made me want to be a lawyer. Before that I wanted to be a doctor, but I can’t stand blood. And I also could imagine myself better wearing nice elegant outfits and high heels than doing surgeries.

Fun fact that the Hungarian translate of the movie Legally Blonde is Dr. Blonde so before the first time I watched the movie I thought she was a doctor. And the name of it sounded so nice that I named my favorite Barbie “Dr. Blonde” and her profession was a doctor. But if I knew earlier that the movie was about a lawyer, I’m sure she would have been an attorney.”

- Virág Ahiakpor

  • Ricky Coronado
  • Virág Ahiakpor
  • Date Taken:
    January 21, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Camera:
    !994 Canon EOS 1N
  • Lens:
    Prime Lens
  • Focal Length:
  • ISO / Film:
    ISO: 320 / Kodak Portra 400
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ricky and I’m a film photographer born and raised in San Francisco.

As a San Francisco native, this city has allowed me to express my talent in film photography at a young age. Throughout my time doing photography, I've since gained more knowledge and experience about the art form from studying filmmaking at San Francisco State University.

I specialize in 35mm film portraits with theme/storytelling/wardrobe/location. I’ve also worked with various people on projects and personal photo sessions. Film photography has allowed me to bring a combination of nostalgia & new to the new era of photography. I approach my work as if I was making a movie. I don’t just take pictures, I tell stories in a frame.

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