🌟🌟🌟 The festival dates may be subject to change in response to ongoing industry developments. We stand in unwavering support of our fellow filmmakers, writers, and actors, acknowledging their immense contributions to enriching and beautifying the film and TV landscape. Our commitment to honoring their dedication remains steadfast, and we appreciate your understanding in these dynamic times🌟🌟🌟

🎬 Introducing LIFF - Legacy International Film Festival

Dive into a realm of cinematic innovation like never before with the groundbreaking Legacy International Film Festival (LIFF). Embark on a journey that merges the worlds of cutting-edge blockchain technology, unparalleled storytelling, and untamed creativity where your proof of concept or Tv pilot can become a feature or a show in a blink of an eye!

🌐 Pioneering a New Era in Film Funding

LIFF stands as a shining testament to the fusion of art and technology, being the world's very first crypto-funded film festival. Our visionary founders, Niki Borger and Roy Shellef, recognized the need for a fresh paradigm in filmmaking that empowers artists and rewards their unparalleled talent through the synergy of blockchain and cinema. By harnessing the power of cryptocurrency, LIFF offers a transformative platform that empowers filmmakers and screenwriters to bring their visionary stories to life on the silver screen.

🌟 Brace for an Unforgettable In-Person Experience!

Prepare for a one day event, full of cinema with a lineup of awe-inspiring screenings that will ignite your imagination. Each genre will have its own theater and each screening block will be followed by inspiring Q&A sessions that unveil the creative minds behind the magic, leaving you inspired, connected, and exhilarated. The theaters are connected by a bar area, where you can mix and mingle fellow creatives in between screenings. But that's not all – the excitement continues with a glamorous black tie, red carpet event with high quality press, music and great cuisine to celebrate your day and meet with our guests. The night of our festival will end with our film award ceremony which marks your grand cinematic celebration with special industry guests, family and friends.

πŸŽ₯ Legacy Inspired Films: Where Dreams Become Reality

LIFF finds its home within the illustrious Legacy Inspired Films Studio (LαΏ™F), a hub of creativity that breeds unparalleled cinematic masterpieces. Winners of LIFF's prestigious film and screenplay awards are granted an exciting opportunity – a chance to pitch their stories directly to Legacy Inspired Films. Those selected are granted the chance to transform their dreams into reality, as their stories are propelled from script to production in the blink of an eye. LIFF champions the cause of filmmakers, shaping their legacies in the halls of cinema history.

🌟 An Epic Inaugural Ceremony in the Heart of Hollywood

As dawn breaks upon the first year of the Legacy International Film Festival, a galaxy of stars, filmmakers, and cinephiles will converge at the iconic Universal Cinema, an AMC Theatre, Universal CityWalk Hollywood. Against the backdrop of starlit skies and cinematic heritage, LIFF will set the stage for a new age of filmmaking, where the impossible becomes possible and the extraordinary becomes the norm. Be part of history in the making as we launch into the boundless universe of storytelling, innovation, and artistic revelation.

🌠 Join the Legacy

Step into a world where the boundaries of imagination are shattered, where the power of the blockchain fuels the flames of cinematic brilliance, and where dreams are not just envisioned, but lived. Legacy International Film Festival beckons you to join its ranks, to stand on the precipice of innovation, and to shape the course of cinema for generations to come. The legacy begins now.

πŸ† Unveiling the Glittering Array of Awards

A grand total of 20 captivating awards stand ready to honor the finest creations and talents in the world of film and television. Spanning across multiple genres and encompassing every facet of the filmmaking process, LIFF promises a recognition of brilliance that transcends boundaries.

πŸŽ₯ Short Film Awards - eligible to pitch

Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Best Horror/Thriller

πŸ“Ί TV Pilot Awards - eligible to pitch

Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Best Horror/Thriller

πŸ“œ Screenplay Awards - eligible to pitch

Best TV Pilot Screenplay (not produced)
Best Feature Film Screenplay (not produced)

🌟 Performance Awards

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay (produced)
Best Cinematography
Best Sound Design
Best Editing
Best Production Design
Best Stunt Performance

1. Non-Refundable Fees: All fees are non-refundable.
2. Submission Platform: All projects must be submitted via FilmFreeway.
3. Submission Format: All projects must be submitted as a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) file.
4. Legal Rights: The submitter must hold all legal rights for the submission.
5. Production Timeline: Submitted projects must have been produced or written within the last 5 years.
6. Maximum Length: The maximum length for short films is 20 minutes, and for pilot episodes it's 40 minutes. The maximum length for TV pilot screenplays is 60 pages, and for feature film screenplays it's 130 pages. Projects exceeding these requirements will not be considered.
7. Language Requirement: All submissions must be in English or have English subtitles.
8. Content Restrictions: Submitted projects cannot promote racism, discrimination, or criminal behavior of any kind.
9. Content Guidelines Shorts/ TV Pilots: Projects can be submitted in one or multiple genre categories and will be judged separately in each. Projects can have any content and story lines that are in accordance with rule 8.
10. Content Guidelines Screenplays: Submitted screenplays must involve one (1) of the following topics: film3, web3, cryptocurrency, AI, metaverse. Any level of relevancy of that topic to the story is acceptable. Submitted screenplays can be in any genre and follow any story lines that are in accordance with rule 8.
11. Final Decisions: All decisions regarding award winners are considered final and incontestable.
12. Pitch Eligibility: Only recipients of a Short Film, TV Pilot or Screenplay (not produced) Award (Jury Award or Honorable Mention) are eligible to pitch their project. In addition, the projects have to function as a proof-of-concept only. LIF does not pick up fully produced feature films or seasons. Only short films that serve as proof-of-concepts for feature films or series, as well as pilot episodes that serve as proof-of-concepts for series are eligible for pitching. Filmmakers must have a professional pitch ready to be considered.
13. Production Guarantee: LIF does not guarantee production or hiring.
14. Required Materials: Upon acceptance, filmmakers must provide high-resolution digital photographs, synopsis, credits, poster or other press kits or promotional materials for each film. Filmmakers must also provide a copy of the film trailer (if applicable) and press screeners upon request.
15. Marketing Use: The festival reserves the right to use images from films selected in the Festival for marketing purposes.
16. Confidentiality: All personal contact information is to remain confidential and not to be shared with any third parties.