Lee Jae-sung announced a fresh start by reporting the first league goal in the 2023/24 season.

Mainz unfortunately drew 1-1 in the second round of the 2023/24 Bundesliga against Frankfurt at MEWA Arena in Mainz, Germany on the 28th (Korea Standard Time).

Lee Jae-sung, who started as a second-line striker, scored his first goal of the season to give the team the lead, but he had to be satisfied with one point by allowing Omar Mamush to score a theatrical goal at the end of the second half. The Mainz have yet to report their first win of the season with one draw and one loss.

Mainz came out with a 3-4-2-1 formation. Maxim Reich, Sepp van den Berk and Edmilson Fernandez built three backs, including goalkeeper Robin Gentner. Anthony Cathy and Filim Mbene played wingbacks, while Leandro Barreiro and Dominic Core played midfield. Anton Starch and Lee Jae-sung were in the second line, and Nelson Viper was in the front line. Ludovic Azorc was supposed to be the front-line striker, but the 2005-born Viper was injured during the warm-up match.

In response, Frankfurt came out with the same 3-4-2-1 model. Willian Pacho, Hbroje Smolcic and Robin Koch, including goalkeeper Kevin Trap, made up the back three. Ansgar Knauf and Philippe Marks played wingbacks, Eliyes Skiri and Christian Zakic defended the midfield, Mario Goethe and Omar Mamush were in the second line, and Randall Colomuani were in the front line.

Frankfurt's attack was concentrated and blocked by Mainz, and a quick counterattack was aimed at. While Frankfurt couldn't find a solution, Mainz was awarded a penalty in the 21st minute when Viper's shot hit Koch's arm in the box. VAR reading followed, and as a result of checking the on-field monitor, the score was canceled.

Three minutes later, Mainz shook the net directly. Trap goalkeeper failed to properly handle Fernandez's cross from the right, and Lee Jae-seong pushed it into the box with a header, shaking the empty goal.

After the goal, Mainz's offensive continued, but it could not shake the goal again. In the 42nd minute of the first half, Core, who received Viper's pass, attempted a right-footed shot inside the penalty box, but it went wide of the goal.

In the second half, the game continued in the atmosphere of Mainz. In the 5th minute of the second half, Barreir penetrated Mbene's quick early cross and even finished the shot, but it missed, and a minute later, Core even attempted an overhead kick.

As the 10th minute of the second half approached, it went over to the flow of Frankfurt. In the 13th minute of the second half, in a corner kick situation, Kashi passed the crisis by clearing Colo Muani's header in front of the goal line.

Frankfurt was sent off in the 15th minute of the second half after Knauf kicked Barreiro in the head during the contest and was sent off for the second time.

Mainz took the numerical advantage and led it to an advantageous flow, and Mainz took the opportunity in the 28th minute of the second half with the connection between Lee Jae-sung and Stach, but the opportunity disappeared with Trap's save.

Mainz, who took the lead, lost his concentration at the end of the second half and eventually conceded. In the 46th minute of extra time in the second half, Dina Ebimbe, who succeeded in penetrating from the left side, made a low cutback pass, and Mamo Post finished calmly.

Despite his numerical advantage, Mainz conceded an extremely high goal and was unfortunately satisfied with one point. Lee Jae-sung was substituted in the 33rd minute of the second half.

Football statistics media 'WhoScored.com' gave Lee Jae-sung an average score of 7.7 and selected him as the best player in the game. Most of the starting players in Mainz received ratings in the 6-point range, with Starh following Lee Jae-sung with 7.5 points, followed by Fernandez with 7.3 points and Mwene with 7.2 points.

In Frankfurt, Marmouche, who scored a dramatic equalizer, had the highest score of 7.3, while goalkeeper Trap and Paco had 7.1. Other players stayed in the 6-point range.

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