The event LATRONICHORROR want to draw attention to the genre films that defined an era in the photo business in the '70s / '80s by authors such as Fulci, Deodato, Bava, Argento, Romero, Castellari, Leo, whose works have been a source of inspiration for filmmakers hit the likes of Tarantino and Rodriguez Roth. Not a secondary objective of the festival is to monitor the realities of independent film and the low budget productions of young filmmakers and youth productions, always forced to the margins if not invisibility and groped programmatically reconnecting with the system of great film industry; assuming that the big industry does not exhaust the local film scene, the association, on the one hand aims to bring the two sides, the other seeks to promote independent cinema at low cost in all its specificity and authenticity. The Festival also aims to become an opportunity and a time to gather forces youth who instead tend to disperse more and more territory, to remain isolated and do not communicate with each other. In the face of absolutely innovative character of the entire project in the area, one can not see still the real possibility of his roots a prelude to the transformation of this kind of events and initiatives promoted by the association, in which regular appointments leave deep traces in the area. Within two years, the project aims to become a reference event and a stable model of national cooperation through inter-organizational networks between film festivals, filmmakers, actors, producers and operators that allow the exchange of knowledge , innovation, operating resources, services and opportunities. The long-term goal is to stimulate the territory independent production, highlighting their cultural and audiovisual landscape linked as a factor of development. The specific objectives are: - to achieve operational sustainability in an evolutionary; - Innovate and plan the cultural offer and its enjoyment and promote the network; - Integrate the cultural offerings to the needs and resources of the area and the community.

THERE IS AN ADMISSION FEE THAT NEEDS TO BE PAID, otherwise your film may not be considered.
Application Fee (we don't accept film without application fee)
Shorts: Euro 5,00
Feature: Euro 5,00
Forms of payment: The payment can be done by the appropriate Paypal channel on the website Please, contact by e-mail as soon as you have made the transfer.

DEADLINE: May 30th, 2016
Shortfilms (until 16 minutes)
Featurefilms (over 75 minutes)
Films sent in foreing languages must be completed by italian subtitles.
You will find the selected works and the program on the official website before the
beginning of the Festival itself.
The subscrition to the partecipation in the LATRONICHORROR implies the total compliance to regulations

Overall Rating
  • Paolo Gaudio

    Great place, great people that love horror and genre films, great food and I've spend a really good time with them. Awesome ;)

    August 2016