Let’s face it, Hollywood is a scary place for screenwriters. The hurdles that you must endure, like convincing an agent or producer to commit their time to your work, can quickly become overwhelming and deter a lot of screenwriters from making it big. The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest hopes to help by providing a visible avenue for you to gain recognition and present your screenplay to the industry. All of our judges are experts in the field of screenwriting and production, and have all joined us to find the best new writers seeking discovery.

The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest stands with the few elite and respected screenwriting competitions that can deliver on the promises of prestige and prominence for its winners. We are extremely proud to provide a level of service above and beyond what you will find in the majority of screenplay contests. Our pride comes from our extraordinary staff that has over 30 years of experience and thrives on helping make dreams come true.

You have shown the dedication to write your screenplay, now allow it to be read and face the competition. We invite you to submit your work and compete alongside many of the brightest writers from around the globe.

The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest was created to discover and recognize emerging independent screenwriters. There are the priceless opportunities to have your winning screenplay see life beyond the contest and reach agents, directors and producers. With your Las Vegas Screenplay Contest Award and title, you will already be recognized as a known talent.

Prizes will be awarded by our judging panel in the categories of Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Family, Historical Drama, Suspense Thriller, Horror, Stage Play and Television Scripts. The judges will select a Genre Grand Prize Winner and two Honorable Mention Winners from each category. In addition to the Genre Awards there will be an Overall Best Script Grand Prize Award, the contest's most prestigious honor.

Last but not least, 5 Official Finalists will be selected based on the highest scored remaining entries in each official category.

Karel Segers

Karel Segers wrote his first produced screenplay at age 17. Today he is a story consultant, writer and producer, with experience in film rights acquisition, development and production. Karel is also a lecturer, whose Story Series lectures have inspired students in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His clients include award-winning filmmakers as well as three Oscar-nominees. Karel is the founder of the leading screenwriting website The Story Department and www.Logline.it, and he ranks in the world's Top 10 of most influential people for screenwriting on Twitter.

LOGLINE IT!: Karel will personally offer expert logline feedback to the Top 10 placed screenwriters via http://logline.it. The writers are exempted from the requirement to review other writers' loglines. This service can be used for the submitted screenplay, or any work they have currently in development.


Karel will offer a free one hour Story Diagnosis to the overall Grand Jury Prize Winner. This service can be used for the submitted screenplay, or any work they have currently in development.

The Script Lab

The Script Lab is a comprehensive education and entertainment (“edutainment”) resource for screenwriters, filmmakers, content creators and film enthusiasts, offering a broad range of educational, entertainment, and industry-related content. Each 2015 Las Vegas Screenplay Contest entrant will receive a free 1-year Writer Plus subscription to TSL's online screenwriter network - the TSL Network (a $60 value!) You will receive details on how to redeem this great offer in your confirmation email after completing your submission.

The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest is designed to award writing talent with a fair and unbiased set of rules. These rules establish all requirements for entry and should be carefully read and understood.

The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest is an online competition. All screenplays must be submitted via FilmFreeway.com.

Scripts must be entered complete in a single file in one of the following digital formats: .fdx, .fdr, .fds or .pdf. All screenplays should have proper industry formatting. See Submission Tips for help in preparing your screenplay before submitting it.

The entry fee for the Las Vegas Screenplay Contest range per deadline from $20 - $50, to be submitted as an online transaction at the time the entry form is completed. All Entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. Once the submission process is completed and the entry is finalized no refunds for the entry fee will be given.

All contestants must be at least 18 years old at the time their scripts are uploaded at the LVSC registration site.

Employees of Las Vegas Screenplay Contest and their immediate families are ineligible to participate in this contest. Any such submission will be immediately disqualified. This contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED or restricted by any Federal, State or Local law.

All rights to submitted screenplays are retained by their author(s). The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest does NOT hold any copyright or selling rights of any script submitted to this contest.

The LVSC is not able or responsible to return entries. No submissions will be returned to the author(s) under any circumstances. Screenplays delivered in a non-digital format are discarded.

All entries must be original screenplays written by the submitting author(s). Exceptions to this rule are adapted screenplays from source material written by the submitting author(s) and screenplays where the submitting author(s) owns all needed copyrights and permissions to adapt at the time of entry. Adaptions from material found in the Public Domain are also acceptable.

Do not show any personal information within the pages or headers of the submitted script (name, address, etc). Such information within the pages of the script is cause for disqualification.

Multiple submissions may be entered. Each script must be submitted separately with its own entry registration and entry fee. Submissions of the same script may also be entered under separate genre categories with the same requirements of a separate entry registration and entry fee. Each genre will have its own winners as well as a grand winner for best overall screenplay.

Entries will be judged based on the reading and evaluation of the submitted screenplays only. No other supporting material will be considered in any way. Do not include with your submitted screenplay any synopses, log-lines, links to websites, or any other documentation other than what is required by the submission process.

Any and all authors of a script entered into the contest must be listed on the online entry form. The LVSC allows up to 4 authors to be listed with only a single entry fee required for one script. The first author listed on the online entry form will be considered the primary contact. Only the first author listed should complete the entry process information. Upon submission of the entry, all authors listed have agreed to the terms of these rules. Prizes, including cash, airfare and hotel accommodations do not increase for multiple writers of a single submission. Meetings with studio executives may be also be limited to one or two writers representing the others.

Screenplay entries may not have a current or pending option placed on them at the time of their submission. Such submissions are automatically disqualified.

Submitting author(s) recognize that similar ideas, plots, concepts and characters may be conceived in more than one screenplays of different writers; and/or by current developments by the contest Judges. Any overlap of accidental shared concepts, plots, characters or other elements does not entitle any entrant to any compensation or credit.

All submissions must be original works of the author(s) listed and not in violation of any copyright laws, trademarks, intellectual property rights or violate basic ethical standards of amateur or professional writing. Any submitted script found to be in violation of the above or to be shown as plagiarized in any way will be immediately disqualified. In addition, The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest shall not be held liable for any legal action that results from unlawful submissions.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us, our officers, affiliates, employees, and partners from any and all claims and liability arising out of entering your screenplay to the Las Vegas Screenplay Contest. By entering your script you agree that you have read and understood all rules and terms.

Overall Rating
  • Jessica Eberle

    Didn't have any contact with then or chance to meet them.

    April 2019
  • Honored that my screenplay, City of Roses, was selected the Grand Jury Prize winner. Looking forward to meeting with Karel Segers.

    April 2019
  • I was happy and honored to win 2nd place for my screenplay URBAN REPERCUSSIONS in the 2919 festival. It is good to know your talent and hard work is recognized by judges in the film industry. What a good feeling. Thank you LV Screenplay Contest.

    April 2019
  • An excellent contest. Good communication. I was proud to be selected as a finalist.

    April 2019
  • Very honored my FEATURE SCRIPT, WHITE WOLF, BLACK WOLF was judged AWARD WINNER , thank you soooo much!! Will submit more projects again shortly. All the best to the team and the Festival.

    April 2019